Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University

logo_sjf_tukeFaculty of Mechanical Engineering is integral part of Technical University in Kosice. It offers perspective study programs – exactly 22 programs were listed among TOP 100 most perspective study programs in Slovakia. Studying at the Faculty brings many other benefits: top equipment of laboratories, lecture halls and computer labs with the most modern equipment and software utilizing high technologies; the use of advanced information and educational training method type of e-learning and learning by doing; teaching of foreign languages and involvement of best students in scientific research process of the Faculty.

Faculty awards

Students of Mechanical faculty of Technical University in Kosice are actively participating in high-end technological development and have already achieved considerable successes. Most recent awards praise the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for the development of lightweight carriage body for electronic automobile Volkswagen e-Up, construction of unique inspection pipe robot, fuel-efficient automobile, that completed 1376 km with consumption of 1 liter of gas or design of hydrogen-fueled automobile.

Application and admission process – Bachelor level

Students applying for a Bachelor level must have their secondary school successfully completed. There are the following programs with the highest popularity among international students for Bachelors – Mechanical engineering, Automobile production and Mechatronics. Normal tuition fees are 5000€ per academic year. The following documents need to be submitted for application: e-application, receipt of application fee payment, completion of secondary school confirmation, list of subjects from final year, Curriculum vitae, motivational letter and cover letter.

Application and admission process – Master level

Students must complete a Bachelor level of education and submit the following documents: e-application, receipt of application fee payment, Bachelor diploma, Transcript of records (including grades and evaluation of student), Curriculum vitae and medical certificate confirming the physical and mental state of the student. There is a Skype interview conducted by faculties officials in order to get admission. Normal tuition fees for English programs are 6000€ per academic year. The most popular programs for international students are Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Automobile production.

Graduate profile and career perspective

Program graduates are able to analyze, design, construct and review large engineering devices, as well as provide research outputs with high creativity and self‐activity. Graduates obtain a detailed knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering, which provide them the ability to manage work teams. They are able to lead projects independently and takeover liability for complex solutions. They will be able to use scientific approaches, because they have experience with the formulation of hypothesis, with the design of experiments, hypothesis verification and analyses of obtained data.

Graduates of the Faculty of mechanical engineering TUKE are offered lucrative job offers even during their studies and are currently working all around the world. The unemployment rate of graduates is very close to zero.

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