Slovak Medical University

Slovak Medical University runs under the ECTS standard (European standard for recognition of completed subjects) is located in Bratislava. The university has 5 faculties: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of public health, Faculty of nursing and professional health studies and Faculty of health. The University is listed in World Directory of Medical Schools, which means degree from University is recognised worldwide. Faculty of medicine offers an English study program General medicine with duration of 6 years. Every year there are 36 students admitted to the program and finally, degree of MUDR – doctor of medicine is provided.
The admission fee is 70€ and all applicants must pass entrance exam being held in June or in August.

Study Programme – General medicine at SZU

Tuition fees for one school year (2 semesters) is 9000€. The curriculum is divided into compulsory, compulsory optional, and optional (voluntary selection) courses. A week may include a maximum of 38 hours of contact learning (direct teaching): lectures, practical lectures, clinical training, mandatory practice, diploma thesis, and state examination. The individual study includes private study, consultations, essay writing, case studies, etc. There is also mandatory practice during the academic year prescribed in accordance with study curriculum.
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The entrance exam for General Medicine – Slovak Medical University

The entrance test consists of questions from biology and chemistry – 80 questions each. The questions are covering secondary school range of knowledge of the applicant. It is possible to buy also booklet with preparatory questions for SZU. The test is in the English language and the time duration provided for studnts is 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes). Maximum score is 640 points. The entrance examination is content identical with the entrance examination for the educational programme of general medicine in the Slovak language.