Slovak language preparatory courses: learn Slovak and study for free

The Slovak language is the most important factor in enhancing your experience during your stay in Slovakia. Learning the language will give you a highly integrated social experience and expand your horizon of opportunities in Slovakia. Starting from social interactions with locals to career prospects, apart from English if you speak a bit of Slovak it’ll help a lot to mix in the vibrant culture of Slovakia.

You can find details about Slovak courses in the present (daily) form which is usually offered by Universities, same as online sources, in this article. The Slovak language is offered also by various language schools mostly in bigger cities, which you can find by typing: kurzy slovenčiny + city to Google.
Let’s take a look at various options offered by the government or governmental bodies. Finally, we will list applications and youtube channels for learning online.

Here is a list of all available Slovak classes:

  1. IOM Migration Information Centre
    It is a non-governmental organization that is publicly funded. The courses are run usually in Kosice and Bratislava for a limited number of students. Sometimes there are different groups for students from Slavic countries (e.g. Ukraine) and non-Slavic countries (e.g. Indians). The residence permit is required from students to attend classes (held usually in evenings, twice a week)

The classes are free and include courses from level A1 to B2. Currently, all classes held are online and the next cycle starts from May 2021. It is recommended to follow the IOM website or Facebook as all information is being published in advance. 

More information on

  1. Universities in multiple cities offer Slovak courses for students
    These courses are usually paid, but on another hand are providing in-depth knowledge of the language. This alternative is interesting especially for students, who would like to study at universities in the Slovak language (studies in Slovak language are free of charge – regardless you are from EU or non-EU country).
    Here is a city-wise list of available courses in the universities:
  1. Bratislava
  • Comenius University in Bratislava

Offers a wide range of courses for students wishing to learn Slovak. Starting from the basics course and summer course for students looking to advance their skills to preparatory courses for students planning to study in their university in the Slovak language. There are not only intensive courses of 5-10 months, but also preparatory courses for employees in medical care (doctors, dentists, nurses etc). 

The available courses can be found:

For more information about The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies for Foreigners and Compatriots visit:

  • Slovak Technical University in Bratislava

Offers different Slovak language courses from A1 to B2 taught in English. The classes are generally 8-12 students.

For registration and more information visit:

  • University of Economics, Bratislava (EUBA)

The University of Economics is located in Bratislava and the biggest economical university in Slovakia. They do offer 2 programs
a) Intensive Language and Academic Preparation for Foreigners in the Slovak Language – it is designed for students who would like to study in the Slovak language at Slovak University. The graduate of this program has level B2 which is satisfactory to study at Bachelor or Master level.
There are 5 classes a day, total of 100 hours of teaching (for the intensive program), together with the language and vocational training – language training 3 classes a day, vocational training 3 classes a day, in total: 480 classes.
The price is 2490€ for both modules (together 580 hours). University is offering also accommodation for students. The preparatory course takes 5 months
b) Language and Academic Preparation for Foreigners in the Slovak Language: it is designed for students who would like to study at Slovak universities in the Slovak language. The outcome of studies is B2 level of Slovak language. It consists of 2 modules: 4 classes a day (200 classes total) together with language training 3 classes a day, vocational training 3 classes a day, in total: 480 classes. The total price is 2990€, total of 680 hours of classes are included (200+480 hours).
More information:

  1. Kosice
  • Technical University of Kosice

Organizes Slovak language classes for the students in the first and second semester of their study program. To enroll in these courses, contact the study department. Students who are planning to study in the Slovak language at the Technical University in Kosice may study the preparatory course for free.

For more information visit:
Department of languages at TUKE:

  • University Pavel Jozef Safarik

Slovak language courses are offered to Slavic, Ukrainian and Erasmus+ students. 

For registration and more information visit:

  1. Zilina
  • University of Zilina

Full-time students get free Slovak-English language classes during the semester from A1 level to B2 level, for others there are paid, classes.

For more information visit:

  1. Banska Bystrica
  • University Matej Bel

University in Banska Bystrica offers various courses of the Slovak language – both online and on-site.

For more information and registration visit: – single semester course for 5 ECTS credits for A1 level of Slovak

The program offered by the Faculty of economics UMB: 

  1. Nitra
  • University Konstantin Filozof in Nitra

Two-week intensive courses are available for Russian and Ukrainian students. It is advised to contact the study office to get more information about the format of classes.

For more information visit:

  1. Skalica
  • Central European University in Skalica

Organizes intensive 6-week Slovak language course. The course fees are3000.

For more information and registration visit:

7. Studia Academica Slovaca – intensive course during summer holidays (August) with 3 weeks of intensive learning of the Slovak language. It is organised by the Faculty of philosophy, Comenius University. For more information, you can find details here:

  1. Some self-guiding materials are also available that might be useful for E-learner. This apps are especially for those, who would like to learn the basics of language at their own pace. Here is a list of those applications:
  1. Learn Slovak App

Download from

  1. Learn Slovak Phrases

Download from

  1. Learn Slovak Vocabulary

Download from

  1. Learn Slovak Conversation Guide

Download from

  1. Ucime Slovencinu

Visit for more information

f. youtube Channel Slovenčina ako cudzi jazyk


More sources
1. E-slovak
 2. Audio Program Krížom-krážom
3. Worksheets Krížom-krážom

. Slovenčina pre cudzincov – workbook UPJS
6. Učíme (sa) slovenčinu ako cudzí jazyk

7. Hovoríme po slovensky
8. the project of Marek Hlavac – Slovak language for beginner:​

Scholarship for 100 international students (deadline 30.6.2024)