Studying economics in Slovakia offers great perspectives for students: with a degree from the Faculty of economics, one can find job easily after graduation. Degree from Slovakia is internationally recognized, which means, that graduate may work in any country in European Union after graduation.

There are 3 levels of higher education programs for international students:

  • Bachelor level (degree of  “Bakalár” = Bc. is awarded)
  • Master degree (degree of “Inžinier” = Ing. is awarded)
  • Postgraduate degree (degree of PhD. is awarded)

Economical study programs for international students are in the English language and offered at the following Universities:

  • The University of Economics in Bratislava – study programs Bachelor in Business Economics and management, Bachelor in Finance, Banking, investment, Master in International finance, Master in General management, Master in Economic diplomacy, Master in Global Finance, Master in Marketing and trade management, Master in Corporate business and marketing and Master in tourism management – the source:
  • Slovak Technical University in Bratislava – Institute of management: Bachelor in Investment Planning in Industrial Enterprise, Bachelor in Spatial planning, Master in Investment Planning in Industrial Enterprise, Master in Spatial planning and Phd in Spatial planning and Phd in Branch economics and management
  • Technical University in Košice- Faculty of economics – Bachelor in Public administration, Bachelor in finance, banking and investment, Master in Public Administration, Master in Finance, banking and investment
  • University of Pavel Jozef Šafárik in Košice – Bachelor in European Public administration (Faculty of Public administration)
  • Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica – Bachelor in Business Economics and Management, Master in Finance, Banking and Investment, Phd in Tourism, PhD in Corporate Economics and Management, Phd in Public Economics and Policy, Phd in Finance
  • Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra


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