University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice achieved remarkable success

University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy (UVLF) in Kosice successfully undergone the process of international evaluation and accreditation by the European Association of Institutions for Veterinary Education (EAEVE).
Thanks to this accreditation, University will reach the top 12 European universities in the field of education. “Thanks to dedication of all employees, UVLF can be proud of the fact that it takes place in TOP 11 among the 96 competing European universities of veterinary medicine, which were evaluated and accredited. We find ourself in the company of the most prestigious veterinary universities from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and the UK, “she informed the university for Natalia Novotná, PR manager of university. university_veterinary_medicine_pharmacy

After visit of evaluation team in October 2015, there were also shortfalls discovered, but these were removed very promptly. Rector of UVLF, Mrs. Jana Mojžišová asked the director of a European system of evaluation of Veterinary Education (ESEVT) Pierre Lekeuxa, to visit University again and assess the level of university after 11 months. “The team consisted of top experts from France, Finland and the United Kingdom. They visited UVLF in Kosice one month ago. Inspection results are excellent and are definitely source of joy for whole staff of university of veterinary medicine and pharmacy in Kosice,” said Novotny.

EAEVE evaluation system has two phases. The first stage – evaluation, assesses whether the institution meets the European legislation in the field of training of veterinarians. The second stage – accreditation, means that the assessment institution’s must comply with generally accepted academic standards and relevant learning opportunities providing acceptable quality. For this purpose, the institution must demonstrate that it has developed methods for monitoring the quality of education, assessing learning opportunities, sustainable system for quality assurance and plans for increasing quality.

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