The Organization of Study

System of education at Slovak universities

Educational institutions for higher education provides various study programmes – and there are plenty of them, which are taught in English or other language. Every study program must be accredited by the Ministry of Education, Research and Sport of Slovak Republic.

Academic year lasts for 2 semesters: winter semester lasts from September to January and summer semester lasts from February to June.

Every study program must be accredited by Ministry of education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

During semester, students attend various educational modules such as lectures, seminars, labolatory work, projects, practical training or consultations. After passing all requirements (such as essays, credit tests or even attendance ratio), credits are awarded to student in line with European Credit and Accumulation system (ECTS). This system is broadly used in Europe and thanks to it, completed subjects may be recognised also abroad. The same situation is with degrees: degree is automatically recognised in European union and the most countries around the world.

Students usually obtain 60 credits per academic year (or 30 credits per semester). Number of credits is calculated with various criterias, such as obligatory literature for course, number of lectures or essays.

Grading system

Grading system works as follows:

  • Mark A means excellent (grade 1)
  • Mark B means very good (grade 1,5)
  • Mark C means average (grade 2,0)
  • Mark D means satisfactory (grade 2,5)
  • Mark E means sufficient, so student met the minimum criteria (grade 3,0)
  • Mark F or FX means failure (grade 4,0)

Bachelor, master and doctoral studies and degrees

There are three levels of education, while first two levels can be joined and form single unit. This unit lasts for 5 to 6 years.

The first level is called Bachelor study program and last for 3 to 4 years.

The second level study programmes and study programmes consisting of first two levels of education have following names:

  • Master study programmes
  • Engineer Study Programmes
  • Doctor Study Programmes

Third level study programmes are called doctoral study programmes (=PhD).

Following academic degrees are awarded to students:

For those who meet all requirements from first level of study are awarded with degree of bachelor (Bc., equivalent to 180 credits).

Those, who successfully pass second level of education (which is equivalent to further 120 credits) are awarded with one of the following degrees:

  • Magister (abbreviation Mgr)
  • Inžinier (Ing.) is awarded to graduate of technical, agricultural and economic fields of Engineers programmes
  • Doctor of General medicine (MUDr.) is awarded after 6 years of studying programme of General human medicine
  • Doctor of Dental medicine (MDDr.) is awarded after 6 years of studying programme of Dental medicine
  • Doctor of veterinary medicine (MVDr.) is awarded to graduates in field of veterinary medicine

Finally, degrees which are awarded to graduates of third level of education are:

  • Philosophiae doctor (PhD)
  • Artis doctor (ArtD)

There are public and private universities in Slovakia – public universities are more prestigious usually and have better reputation abroad. If you want to get more information on universities providing study programs in English language in Slovakia, please click on Where to study in Slovakia.

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