Please find latest updates on this page regarding university, state rules, travelling etc.

Official governmental website: https://www.korona.gov.sk/en/

Emergency number: 112

Info hotlines managed by public health officials: 0800 221 234,  0917 222 682, 0917 426 075. 

Hotline run by …

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Dean of Faculty of medicine UPJŠ in Košice, professor Daniel Pella, officially started winter semester of academic year 2016/2017. During his speech, he mentioned new 500 students in both Slovak and English program, that have enrolled at Faculty for 2016/2017 …

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Being a student of medicine in Košice, Slovakia, is not only about sitting countless hours at Library. There must be balance – since no one is able to learn 8 hours a day without a break!

It is no wonder, …

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