Summer part-time at Garrett motion

Garrett (called also Honeywell) is hiring again Indian students

They do production of turbochargers in Presov. It is mostly manual job but requires some technical skill. The part time is not limited to mechanical students. Students should have below 26 years. There are 3 shifts during day available. The company is not providing shuttle bus to Presov from Kosice this year, but i am thinking about possibility to rent a dorm in Presov (TUKE dorm, for 100€ a month).


Pay: 5€ per hour

Type of contract: part time contract for students, only students below 26 can apply

Start of the work: from 5th of July 2022 approximately

Deadline for application: 28th of June 2022

Application: please send me your CV in case you are interested

Assessment: there will be test with some logical and technical questions. Even students without technical education can apply however