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About Comenius University

Comenius University is the oldest and the biggest university in Slovakia, because it was founded on June 27th, 1919. Comenius University follows the university tradition of the Academia Istropolitana which was established in Bratislava by Matthias Corvinus, the Hungarian King, in 1465. Faculty of medicine exists since 1919. University consists of 13 faculties. There are 27,000 students enrolled within all three-degree study programmes, within which are almost 2,400 international students from 70 countries. Comenius University has more than 340 partners: European universities located in 30 countries, all of which have concluded bilateral agreements with Comenius university as part of the Erasmus+ programme. The most visited countries by our students as part of the LLP/ERASMUS programme include Spain, Germany and the Czech Republic.

About the Jessenius Faculty of medicine in Martin

The Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin is part of Comenius University, the oldest and largest university in the Slovak Republic. Comenius University builds on a tradition set up by Academia Istropolitana, which was established in Bratislava in 1465 by Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus. Comenius University is named after father of the world education – John Amos Comenius.
The Jessenius Faculty was founded in 1969 and became part of Comenius university in 1969. It changed the name to Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in 1991.

The faculty is popular thanks to the high level of education, modern equipment of educational and research facilities and professional teaching staff. Furthermore, its location makes it also very good starting point for trips and very popular among students from all over the world. he Jessenius Faculty of medicine in Martin educates international students with up-to-date knowledge within study program of General medicine. Education is compatible with education in European Union and in accordance with criterias for regulated professions. According to recent comparisons of ARRA (Academic Ranking and Rating Agency) achieve this Faculty the best results in Slovakia.
Main priorities of Faculty are therapeutic and preventive care and educational, scientific and  research activities. The Faculty has  theoretical, pre-clinical and clinical workplaces but most of the clinical teaching workplaces are placed at Martin University Hospital. Faculty of medicine in Martin is second faculty of Comenius University.
The Jessenius Faculty in Martin is unique thanks to the ratio of students to full-time teaching staff. Apart from lectures, all educational activities, such as practical sessions, seminars or tutorials, are carried out in small study groups – there are no more than 8 students per teacher. In addition to that, the Jessenius Faculty hires renowned international professors, who raises credit of this institution.

Recognition in EU and Iran

The diploma is received from Comenius University, the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin is accepted within the whole European Union, Iran and in most countries of the world. The Faculty is on the World Health Organization (WHO) Listing of Medical Faculties. Moreover, it is acknowledged by the ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, Philadelphia, USA) for the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination).

Where is Martin located?

The faculty is located in central Slovakia, a picturesque city of Martin. This city is very close to High Tatras, which makes it a perfect starting point for trip to mountains.

Martin is around  3 hours away from Bratislava (by train or bus)

Accommodation for students in Martin

University provides accommodation to students at favourable prices (starting from 100€). There are also plenty of private flats around the city, which can be rented or even bought. Since Martina is relatively small city, prices of rents or flats are resounable.

STUDY PROGRAM General medicine

Study programme of General medicine is 6-year graduate programme offered at JesseniusFacultyy of Medicine. The tuition fee is 9900€ per studying year, which is the lowest tuition fee in Slovakia. Graduates are awarded with the degree of MUDr. (Doctor of General Medicine).
The course of General medicine is tought in English language and was established in 1991 for an intake of students from abroad with good working knowledge.

Around 120 students will be admitted to English program of General medicine.
General medicine doctor study program (grade I + II university studies) has a duration of 6 years (12 semesters).  It includes 5.795 hours of theoretical education and practical training. It fully complies with the European Commission (EC) Directive 93/16/EC. During studies a credit system based on the generally accepted European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is used.
One semester consists of 15 teaching weeks. Lectures represent less than a half of the total weekly hours. In the clinical courses, the students rotate through the different departments of the teaching hospital. The entire sixth year is devoted to rotations among Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology departments and preparing the students for their final state examinations (see the Study Program).
After the fullfilment of conditions set by the Higher Education Act, the Statute of Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Study and Examination Regulations of the Faculty will all after the successful completion of the state examinations confer to assign students with a “Doctor of General Medicine” (abbr. “MUDr.”, equivalent to M.D.) thus issue a diploma.

Tuition fees and related costs in Martin

Tuition feesTuition fees related to studying General medicine are 9500€ per one study year. The fee is paid annually and covers the period of one academic year (from 1st of September to 31st of August next year). There is also an admission fee of 400€ which is charged by admitted students only.

Living costsLiving costs are moderate for students – there are various variants for foreign students such as dormitories (with swimming pool) or students houses. Many students also decide to buy their own flats and stay in them during their studies. Students should count with a living cost of about 350€ a month (coursebooks not included), which means 3500€ a year.

Total costs of stay for one studying yearTotal cost for one year of staying in Martin would be around 13000€.

Entrance exam for medicine in Martin

Applicant must take an entrance examination, that takes place in various cities around Europe and is organised by the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine itself. Applicants will rank according to their result in the test. The most successful applicants will be offered a place at Faculty.
Applicant must have at least 17 years and possess adequate knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and English.

An entrance examination is a multiple choice test, which covers knowledge of Chemistry, Biology and English. Applicants with the higher scores will be offered a place at university.
Syllabus for an entrance examination can be found here:

Dates of entrance exams in Martin

Entrance exams in Martin:

  • June 26, 2019 in Martin (deadline for submission of documents is 1st of May)
  • August 16 2019 in Martin (deadline for submission of documents is 15th of July 2019)

Entrance exam fee: 70€ (non-refundable)

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