Faculty of pharmacy in Hradec Kralove, Charles University

About Charles University

Charles University is the oldest and most prestigious university in the Czech Republic. University is well-known around the world since it is founded by a charter issued on 7th of April 1348 by Charles IV. When establishing University, a model of Bolognas and Paris universities was followed. In the beginning, it had 4 faculties: theological, liberal arts, law and medicine. Charles University has been always a centre of Czech intelligence and also centre against suppressing forces in Czech society. Students from Charles university lead demonstration against a totalitarian regime, which ceased to exist in 1989. Nowadays, Charles University is place with modern unviersity life, involved in plenty of international cooperations and is playing an important role in a broad spectrum of European and global programmes.
There are 17 faculties, 3 university institutes, 6 other units and 5 service facilities at University. In total, there are 8074 employees of University – 4653 people form academic and research staff and 3421 is another staff.
University is ranked in TOP 2% of the approximately 18,000 institutions of higher institutions in the world. According to QS ranking, Charles was 279th best university in the world and according to Academic Ranking of World Universities, it was among 201-300 best universities in the world.

About Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove

Faculty of Pharmacy is part of the prestigious Charles University, the oldest, largest and abroad most respected university in the Czech Republic.The faculty is the most important center for pharmaceutical research in the Czech Republic and in terms of scientific activity ranks among the top research institutions in our country.

The Faculty is located in Hradec Kralove, city with excellent connection with Prague or Brno

Recognition of degree in EU and Iran

Degree from Charles University is recognized in European Union and in Iran.


A five-year course Pharmacy leading to a Master degree.

The concept of the study program corresponds with the contemporary state and standard of pharmaceutical sciences, the needs of the pharmaceutical practice in the European context. Pharmacy and its related fields of study offer a choice of meaningful and satisfying, but also rigorously demanding and highly valued careers in the health care professions.

Studies at the faculty are interdisciplinary. Most pharmaceutical disciplines arise from Chemistry and Biology. In case those natural sciences are near to your heart, our faculty is worth considering if searching for your life profession.

Tuition fees and related costs

Tuition fees are 7600€ per one academic year. Course has 5 years totally.

Estimation of living costs for 10 months is 3500€ .

Admission process

Applicants should send complete applications to the Study Deparment of the Faculty. Deadline for application is end of May.

The Faculty of Pharmacy seeks students with appropriate academic qualification, good command of English and high motivation to study Pharmacy. Written tests include a multiple-choice test in Chemistry (50 questions), Biology (30 questions) and Botany (20 questions).

In the final evaluation of the candidate’s success, students will obtain points only for correct answers, they will get 1 point for each correct answer. In case the candidate does not answer or misspells any question, points will not be deducted.

The Dean of the Faculty will set the number of points required for the admission with respect to the number of applicants and students´ capacity of the Faculty.

Entrance exam dates

There will be 3 terms for taking entrance exam for Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove – date will be specified, once the quota for organising will be filled.

  • if you apply by end of March, you may take entrance exam in April
  • if you apply by end of April, you may take entrance exam in May
  • if you apply by end of May, you write exam in June

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