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About University of Gdansk

The University of Gdansk is the largest public university in Northern Poland with more than 6000 students. There are around 838 teaching staff and research staff working at University. University was founded on 8th of October 1945.
There are 4 faculties within University: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences and Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology. Medical University in Gdansk is on 10th position among Polish universities from 2015 comparison. International students constitute 15% of all students of MUG.
The MUG cooperates with more than 50 universities and scientific centres around the world, i.e. conducts the exchange of students and faculty in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme and is an active member of European organizations – ScanBalt and Baltic Sea Region University Network.

About Faculty of medicine

The Faculty of Medicine educates its students in medical studies (homogenous 6-year MSc studies). The Faculty’s high level of education was confirmed by the Accreditation Committee for Medical Universities working at the Conference of Presidents of Medical Universities, and by The State Accreditation Committee, which granted the Faculty a 5-year-long accreditation for both MSc majors. Moreover, classes in the medical major are also conducted in English (since 2002).

Recognition in EU and Iran

The degree from University in Gdansk is recognised in European Union in Iran.

Degree is also recognised by:

  • Medical Board of California
  • Medical Council of India
  • Medical Council of Thailand
  • National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation
  • World Federation for Medical Education and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research
  • Academic Ranking of World Universities

Where Gdansk is located?

Gdansk is a port city located by the Baltic sea and one of the oldest cities in Poland. Gdansk looks really beautiful and there are plenty of museum or cultural places there, however it was almost completely destroyed during the 2nd world war. Gdańsk’s best known historic sites are located within the Główne Miasto (Main Town) district. Local shipyards are placed where anticommunist movement led by Mr. Lech Walesa were founded.

STUDY PROGRAM General medicine

Program of General medicine has 6 years and is completely taught in English. Tuition fee for one studying year is 44000PLN. The extended curriculum is based on strict European and US standards. After having graduated from the Faculty of Medicine students receive a diploma of a physician (M.D.) and subsequently, they can apply for a license to practice medicine in their country. There are almost 800 international students from all over the world: Sweden, Great Britain, Norway, Germany, Saudi Arabia or Spain.
The curriculum of the first 3 years of studies comprises theoretical medical sciences, introduction to clinical sciences in the form of first aid and nursing module, introduction to medicine, paediatrics, internal diseases, epidemiology, history of medicine, history of philosophy, medical sociology, medical ethics, medical psychology, computer sciences with biostatistics and foreign languages. From the IV year of studies the course includes basic clinical sciences. Studies also offer a selection of elective courses. Course completion requirements for particular years of study include also the completion of summer student’s internship in nursing, internal diplomas and the title of a M.D. During the VI year of the M.D. programme, students have an obligatory practise at the hospital.


The program of Pharmacy at the Faculty of pharmacy (Medical University in Gdansk) takes 5,5 years and contains obligatory training in one of the approved pharmacy in Poland. Students must take an entrance test from biology and chemistry at High school level in order to get an admission.

Tuition fees and related costs

Tuition fee for the first to the six-year course of study 44 000 PLN per year – program general medicine. (per 2 semesters)

Tuition fee for pharmacy is 35000PLN per 2 semesters.


The fees can be paid in 2 installments.

Admission process

Admission process for General medicine and Pharmacy at Medical University of Gdansk is similar.

Students need to take an entrance examination – from biology and chemistry. There are topics for entrance examination that can be found on the University´s website. After successful passing entrance examination, there is oral interview performed with an applicant.

Admission Committee makes a selection of candidates on the basis of their final scores from entrance exam, scores from High School Diploma in biology and chemistry and optional score from additional oral examination.

Entrance exam dates

The date is about to be announced – it will take place end of July/beginning of August 2019, Gdansk, Poland

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