Study for free in Europe: get up to 12.000€ during Bachelor studies

Scholarships for TOP students from all over the world will be awarded to 100 students. These students need to pass SAT test with score at least of 1050 and get accepted to bachelor or integrated studies in Slovakia. The Deadline is the end of June 2024. If you have any questions, please email to

Instructions from the Ministry: step by step tutorial

Read the basic eligibility requirements
■ Check the website whether you are eligible.
Find a suitable higher education institution
■ Search the options of higher education institutions in Slovakia and make your choice.
■ For more information about studies in Slovakia,
or websites of particular higher education institutions.
■ Start preliminary communication with a preferred higher education institution in time.
■ Advice – such timely communication can help with some questions and save your
time as well as beware of potential misunderstandings.
SAT test
■ The SAT test is the main and only criterion for being awarded the scholarship!
■ Check the website, save the date for your SAT test.
■ Pass the SAT test.
Online registration
■ Students interested in the scholarship must register online at the website.
■ Check the deadline.
Online application
■ Students interested in the scholarship must submit the scholarship application online
at the website.
■ Check the deadline.
■ Check all the criteria and everything what must be included in the application.
Verifying the application
■ The Ministry of Education, Research, Development and Youth of the Slovak Republic,
in cooperation with the Slovak higher education institutions, will verify
the applications and all uploaded attachments.
■ You will be notified about the results.
■ This information will also be available in the applicant’s profile.
■ Eligibility for the scholarship after fulfilling all the conditions (enrolment and entry
to a higher education institution in the academic year 2024/2025 inclusive).
Successful applicants
■ Successful applicants will receive the scholarship in the amount of €400

per month, paid out by their higher education institution, for the months of Septem-
ber through June, for 3 years.

■ Eligibility for the scholarship may cease. Check all the conditions and the criteria
at the website.
Higher education institution of your choice
and getting to Slovakia
■ Verify all the necessary requirements related to a potential study-related stay in
Slovakia and act in time.
■ Timely enrolling at a Slovak higher education institution and actively beginning the
studies in the autumn of 2024 are crucial requirements to be officially awarded this
scholarship. Enrolment and entry to a Slovak higher education institution is entirely
in your hands and it is one of the criteria that must be fulfilled.
■ Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time, in-person study programme, starting the
first year in a bachelor’s degree programme or a joint bachelor’s and master’s degree
study programme (regardless of the language of the study programme).
■ Do not forget to get to Slovakia in time.
■ Ask IOM (the International Organization for Migration) for assistance if needed.
■ Visit for Visa Check.
■ Get your visa if needed.
■ Start your studies on time.
Steps to follow in order to get the scholarship in 2024
Scholarships for talented students from abroad.
Apply now to get a scholarship for your studies in Slovakia!

Check the website for complex information and any updates.
If you cannot find your answer on the website, contact us at:

Scholarship for 100 international students (deadline 30.6.2024)