Students – TUKE

 Faculty of electrical engineering

  • students who paid tuition fees sign a contract. Students who go for Erasmus, must pay 3500€ at once. Other students can pay in 2 installments. You need to contact either Mrs. Maria Gamcova or Mrs. Borscova who are preparing contracts
  • Official office hours for Mrs. Maria Gamcova for next semester are: Wednesday, 10:00-12:00. If you want to visit her in another time spot, please inform her before that.
  • classes start on 2nd of October and ends on 28th of November. Afterwards there will be exam period.
  • from this semester, there will be attendance letter for each subject. If your attendance is not sufficient, you cannot go to exam.
  • There will be penalties for retakes of exams. These penalties are 350€ for standard subject and 420€ for diploma thesis subject.
  • Bachelors need to pay enrollment fee: 29,50€, Master students 39,50€. Please check this file: fees 1718. After you pay tuition fees and enrollment fee, you can renew ISIC card. Renewal of ISIC Card is at the same building as you got it.

Accommodation – Jedlikova

  • when you come to Jedlikova, you need to register. The process is following: you will obtain form and fill it up. Afterwards you will go to accommodation office and sign a contract for next semester. Deepak knows the process and can help you.
  • Yesterday (=22nd of September) we submitted application for 5 students who are not in Kosice yet and asked not to pay for September. I will let you know, when there is a decision made.


  • please take RP card AND passport anywhere you go. Otherwise you risk penalty up to 165,50€
  • do not forget, that you need to have valid insurance. If your insurance is not valid anymore, please renew it either in India or Slovakia

Jobs for graduates

  • IT related fields: you can send me your CVs and I will forward it to Edymax. I know one recruiter who will be doing recruitment for big IT companies in Slovakia
  • all technical fields: I got in contact with specialist on recruitment of technical oriented people in Slovakia and Czech Republic. You can also send me your CV.

Free Slovak courses

  • you can visit free Slovak courses Tuesady and Thursday:
  • TuesdayBeginners:    17:30 – 19:00Intermediate: 19:15 – 20:00Address: Poštová 1, Košice


    Beginners:    17:30 – 19:00

    Intermediate: 19:15 – 20:00

    Address: Poštová 1, Košice


Faculty of aeronatics

  • in May we need to go to Foreign police, because your final exams will be later than in June, when your RP expire.
  • regarding enrollment fees – same fees as for Faculty of electrical engineering


Scholarship for 100 international students (deadline 30.6.2024)