Slovak National visas for job-seeking candidates or highly qualified foreigners

There is an important update on the Slovak visas policy which is relevant for two groups of foreigners:

  1. graduates of TOP world universities or Czech universities / Slovak Universities, who would like to look for job in Slovakia (job seeking visas) – find the list of universities here
  2. foreigners from 3rd countries, that got job in Slovak company

There will be total of 3000 national visas to be issued for foreigners in 2022. The law is effective from 1st of April 2022.

Foreigners can apply for 2 types of visas:

  • job seeking visas for 90 days – in case they graduate their education in TOP universities (minimum Bachelor level completed, respectively 3 years of education) or in the Czech Universities (minimum Master level completed) or are looking for a job in industry with high added value – see the list below (minimum 4 years of educatio is required). As there is 9 months job seeking visas for Slovak university graduates, this change is not relevant but could be for someone who used 9 months before.
  • employment visas for 12 months – in case of employment with high added value (minimum 3 years of education from TOP universities, 4 yeas of education in the field related to highly qualified profession or Master degree from the Czech universities / Slovak universities)

    The list of professions with high added value:

    group I – managers

1120 Presidents and CEOs of enterprises and organizations

1211 Financial managers

1212 Human resources managers

1213 Managers (managers) in the field of strategy and planning

1219 Managers admin. and support. activities. not elsewhere specified

1221 Business and marketing executives

1222 Advertising and public relations managers

1223 Research and development managers

1311 Agricultural and forestry managers

1321 Managers in industry

1323 Construction managers

1324 Managers (managers) in transport, logistics and postal services

1330 Information and communication managers


1342 Health care managers

1343 Managers in the field of care for the elderly

1344 Social care managers

1345 Managers (managers) in education and training

1346 Managers (managers) in finance and insurance

1349 Managers in specialized services not elsewhere classified

group II – high value-added IT professions

2153 Telecommunications specialists

2511 Systems Analysts

2512 Software Developers

2514 Application Programmers

2519 Software and application developers and analysts nec

2521 Database designers and administrators

2523 Computer network specialists

2529 Database and computer network specialists not elsewhere classified

Group III – high value-added healthcare professions

2211 General practitioners

2212 Specialist doctors

2221 Nursing specialists

2222 Obstetrics specialists

2250 Veterinarians

2261 Dentists

2262 Pharmacists

group IV – scientists and researchers

2131002 Genetics (scientist)

2141001 Specialist in research and development in food production

2141006 Specialist in research and development in textile and clothing production

2141011 Specialist in research and development in leather and footwear production

2141016 Specialist research and development in furniture production, wood processing and production

wooden structures

2141020 Specialist in research and development in pulp and paper production

2141025 Specialist in research and development in printing production

2141029 Specialist in research and development in glass production

2141034 Specialist in research and development in the production of building materials

2141039 Specialist in research and development in the production of refractory materials

2142015 Construction specialist in technological research and development

2142016 Construction specialist in economic research and development

2144001 Engineering specialist in research and development

2145002 Chemical specialist in research and development

2146014 Metallurgical specialist in research and development

2146017 Foundry specialist in research and development

2151003 Electrical engineer in research and development

2151017 Energy specialist in research and development

2153005 Telecommunications products and services development specialist

2262010 Pharmacist in research and development

2310 University teachers

2413028 Banking researcher

2422016 Specialist in science development, research and innovation

2511008 ICT researcher

2521006 Data scientist

2621002 Researcher in archives

2621010 Researcher of historical architecture

2621011 Art-historical researcher

2621012 Researcher of historical urbanism

2621013 Archival-historical researcher

2622002 Research and methodological worker in librarianship

2634009 Researcher in the field of psychology

2636001 Researcher in Religion Studies

2643007 Linguist (philologist, linguist)

Group V – other technical specialists

2120 Specialist in mathematics, actuarial and statistics

2141 Specialists in industry and production

2145 Chemical specialists

2146 Specialists in mining, metallurgy, foundry. industry and relatives


2151 Electrical engineers and energy specialists

2421 Management and work organization analysts

2422 Strategy and development specialists

2424 Specialists in the field of education and human resources development

2431 Advertising and marketing specialists

2432 Public relations specialists

2433 Sales specialists (except information and communication technologies)

2434 Information and communication technology sales specialists