Yagnik (the Faculty of Aeronautics, the Technical University in Kosice): I am really satisfied with my choice of University

Yaknik_AeronauticsCan you please say few words about you?

My name is Yagnik J Patel and I was born in Ahmedabad city in India. I decided to study Aircraft Operations at Faculty of Aeronautics at Technical University in Kosice. I started in 2016, now I begin the 2nd semester.

How did you learn about option to study in Slovakia and what were the main reasons for coming to Kosice?

Slovakia is the one of the most famous country as automobile and aeronautical country in all over the world. After completing my bachelor degree in mechanical engineering I have decided to make my career in higher of professional level. I have searched numbers of Countries and college through internet and from my friends who are studying abroad, and I got information about the Technical University in Kosice. I saw that there is a good level of education and the rank of this University is prestigious. Later I discovered, that the staff of this faculty is very friendly and ready to help us and teach us about modern technologies. I decided to study here.

Can you describe level of education, teachers and professors at Faculty?

The level of education is high and teachers are really highly educated. I am really satisfied with my choice of University.

Which are yours most favorite subjects and why? And which subjects were the hardest?

My favorite subject is definitely mathematics, which I enjoyed since high school. If I should name some of the hardest subjects, it would definitely be Aviation engine Theory.

What are the main benefits of studying in Kosice for international students?

It is definitely new experience for foreign students to live and study abroad. Kosice is quite, a comfortable and beautiful city for foreign students with friendly people. One can make a huge progress during his or her studies, in addition the atmosphere of Kosice is very good and people of this city are very sophisticated and colorful.

To which company or profession do you wish to apply after graduation? 

As a mechanical and Aeronautical engineer my area of interest is very wide, I would like to work in any MNC in the production line, also in automobile and airplane industries.

How do you like the city? Does is provide many opportunities for leisure time?

I really like Kosice, because it has amazing nature around. You can enjoy during weekend with your friends during trips or sit for coffee in one of the cafeterias at Hlavna Street.

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