Nithin Manuel (Faculty of electrical engineering TUKE): Erazmus at FEEI was an awesome experience

Hello Nithin, thank you for accepting our invitation to interview. Can you please say few words about you? 

My name is Nithin Manuel and I am Indian. I completed my Bachelors in India in electronics and telecommunication. After my first degree, I decided to come to Italy for my masters in communication engineering at the University of Parma. I was an Erasmus student in Technical university of Kosice from 2016 February to June 2016 .

How did you learn about option to study at FEEI in Slovakia and what were the main reasons for coming to Kosice? 

During my second semester at the University of Parma, I got to know that there is an opportunity to go as Erasmus student other nations in Europe and i chose Slovakia. This was affected mainly due to words from a Slovak student, which came as an Erasmus student in 2014 during my first semester to Parma. He encouraged me to go to Kosice as an Erasmus student.

Can you describe level of education, teachers and professors at Faculty?

Education level is the same like in all European universities and professors are friendly and they will ready to help if you have some problems in your studies. I was very satisfied at the Technical University in Kosice.

Which are yours most favorite subjects and why? And which subjects were the hardest?

I did not fell too much of difficulty in the university because professors helped me a lot to get good grades. My favorite subject was a measurement in electronics and telecommunication and i would like to thank you to one of my favorite professor Jan Salinga he taught me the above mentioned subject. He is excellent in his field.

Are there many international students at Faculty?

yes they were many Erasmus students in various faculties.

What are the main benefits of studying in Kosice for international students? 

The ESN (Erasmus student network) is good and they will help  Erasmus students for their accommodation and other problems that usually students suppose to encounter in a foreign country.

To which company or profession do you wish to apply after graduation? 

i would like to work in IT firms or Telecom companies .

How do you like the city? Does is provide many opportunities for leisure time?

Yes i like the place. Kosice is one of the largest city in Slovakia and there are a lot of place to visit in the city and  there are places for leisure in Kosice and Slovak people have friendly nature.