Interview with Mustafa, the student of the Faculty of Aeronautics, the Technical University Kosice

The Faculty of Aeronautics of Technical University in Kosice provides study programs in English language: Masters in Aircraft operations and Masters in Sensors and Avionic Systems. One of the foreign student, who is studying at the Faculty, is Mustafa, Indian student from Rajkot, Gujarat.

We are glad, that he accepted our invitation for interview and told us more about studying in Košice, his perspectives or ways to spend free time in Kosice.

Mustafa_Faculty_aeronauticsHi Mustafa, can you please say few words about you?
My name is Mustafa Telwala. I am from Rajkot, Gujarat (India). It is a fourth largest city in the state of Gujarat. After completing my bachelor degree, I decided to study Aircraft Operations at Faculty of Aeronautics at Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia).
How did you learn about an option to study in Slovakia and what were the main reasons for coming to Kosice?
I searched many options for my masters, amongst them I found this university in Kosice. Also, my friends are studying in Slovakia; their references to university, city and peoples are fabulous, so it brings to a resolution in my mind as a result of conclusion.
Can you describe a level of education, teachers and professors at Faculty?
The level of education here is appreciative and mentors are thoroughly knowledgeable with prolonged experience. So, I am proud to be a part of this faculty and university.
Which are yours most favourite subjects and why? And which subjects were the hardest?
It is difficult to choose only one favourite subject, but it would be design and strength in aircraft building. Also If I should name the hardest subjects, it would be definitely Technical Cybernetics.
What are the main benefits of studying in Kosice for international students?
Many international students would like to study here, so one can find a lot of friends from different countries. Also, cost of living is moderate compared to other areas. So, a person will never regret coming to this lovely city.
To which company or profession do you wish to apply after graduation? 
After completing my study, there are a lot of possibilities. This course enhances my skills and knowledge, which will help me to get a job as a senior engineer in any production, manufacturing or processing multinational company with this improvised knowledge.
How do you like the city? Does is provide many opportunities for leisure time?
I will never regret my choice to study here. There are a lot of possibilities to fill my free time. City centre offers me lot of restaurants to spend time with my friends with delicious food and coffee. Or visit zoo, lake, theatre, cinemas, museums and galleries, billiard and bowling places, etc. So you have really a lot of opportunities to use your free time.

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