Abdulla from Iraq: Studying in Košice? Perfect from the beginning!

Abdulla, student of General medicine, told us about his first days in Košice, his expectations or preparation for entrance exams. He is one of a few students from Iraq, who is studying in Slovakia.

Thank you Abdulla for accepting our invitation. Can you please present you briefly?

My name is Abdulla and I am from Bagdad, Iraq. I came to Slovakia to study medicine to Kosice, mostly because of positive references from my friends in Bratislava. I did entrance examination and that was it – I was admitted and student of medicine!

Now I study 5th year of General Medicine (English programme).

You just told me, that you have friends in Bratislava who told you to come to Košice. It sounds little strange 

Sure, I know it sounds interesting. But they told me that studying in Kosice is much more nicer for foreigner students. It is nice city with beautiful city center and many pleasant people live here. I am glad that I made that decision 5 years ago!

How were your first days at Faculty?

Everything was amazing! Maybe I was stressed a little at the beginning, but staff of Faculty of Medicine helped us a lot to arrange everything necessary and get used to a new environment.

Also being enrolled as foreign student was really smooth and did not take a lot of time. Dormitory, orientation at Faculty or other instructions – everything was clear and good explained.

How do you enjoy your living in Košice?

Košice is great city for living. I am pleased with city and people – there are really nice and helpful. I also like language which is really euphonius. What I really appreciate are our teachers – they helped me a lot since I started to study in Košice!

How about other students from your study group at Faculty of Medicine in Kosice? Do you help each other?

There are very positive and helpful.

It is fact that preparation for exams is much more different from preparation for exams at secondary school – you need much more energy for searching for your study materials and much more time for self-study. These are cases where your study group can lend you their support.

Picture from Faculty of Medicine in Košice

At New Hospital, Kosice

From which other countries are students coming here to study medicine?

They come from Spain, Portugal, Greece, United Kingdom – but in general from all over the world.

Do foreign students have option to do short internship during their studies (for example with IFMSA)?

Yes, we have these options. I applied and got accepted this year. But 5th year is not the best year for internship in my case… I need to finish all my subjects on time, that is the most vital. So I decided to prepare for the exams instead.

Which subjects do you enjoy the most?

Internal medicine and cardiology were the best match in my case. I had really great teachers in New Hospital who explained these subjects really good.

Medical books are usually very expensive. Especially when you need only fragment from them. How about books for medicine in Kosice? Do you need to invest a lot of money in them?

Actually, there are only few books I must buy. Other books can be borrowed from our Library which save us a lot of time and money!

What do you recommend to people who think about studying here in Kosice?

I would recommend to acquire book with questions for entrance examination. All the questions are from this book. It is also important to have all necessary information about dormitories etc.

Now you are student of 5th grade here at Faculty of Medicine in Kosice and shortly you will get your internationally recognized degree. What are your plans for the future?

I would like to work in hospital for 1-2 years in New hospital and then move to western countries. My degree will be internationally recognised so there are I can apply for many interesting positions!

Thank you Abdulla for this great interview and we wish you a best of luck in your final exam!