Recognition of previous courses

There is the Directive 2005/36/EC which states conditions for recognition of completed courses. From academical point of view, recognition is important typically for applicants, who would like to continue in education in Slovakia.

Applicants for Bachelor study programs

Applicants who would like to study at Bachelor level or joined Bachelor and Master study programs (e.g. medicine), ask for recognition of their high school diploma. Institution in Slovakia, which is responsible for recognition of completed courses is called Center on Recognition of Diplomas and is part of ENIC (European Network of Information Centers) and NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Center). Following privileges of Center are important from a perspective of a student, who would like to study in Slovakia: firstly, recognition of completed education and part of education abroad and secondly, stating equivalence and conversion of rates from primary and secondary schools abroad compared to Slovak classification scheme.

Applicants for Master study programs

Applicants, who have already obtained Bachelor degree abroad, should follow a different rules.

There are 3 options:

a) If a student continues in the same or similar program as abroad (for example a student has a Bachelor degree from Electrical engineering and wishes to study Electrical engineering at Master level in Slovakia), University will compare level of education obtained abroad with Slovak requirements. There is cost, which University charges students. In 2018, fee for recognition of foreign diploma is 50€. Hard copies of apostilled or superlegalised educational documents must be submitted.

b) If a student continues in the same or similar program as abroad, but given University does not provide similar program (for example student has Bachelor degree from Biotechnology at Bachelor level, but wishes to study Mechanical engineering at Master level), he or she should ask for recognition for another university in Slovakia, that provides the same program. Cost for recognition of foreign diploma is 50€. Hard copies of apostilled or superlegalised educational documents must be submitted.

c) If a student has degree from study program, which is not offered by any University in Slovakia, he must ask for recognition of diploma and equivalence of obtained qualification. Relevant governmental body is Ministry of education, research, science and sport of Slovak Republic. Hard copies of apostilled or superlegalised educational documents must be submitted.

Bank details for transfer of fee for students of Faculty of electrical engineering and informatics TUKE

IBAN: SK82 8180 0000 0070 0015 1433


Country code: SK

Recipient: Faculty of electrical engineering and informatics, Technical University of Kosice

Amount: 50€

Address of recipient: Letna 9, Kosice, 04200, Slovakia
Variable symbol: 190106
Message for recipient: ŠPP O-10- 190/0005-00, fond 46, uznanie dokladu

Important: you can pay also in cash, 3rd floor at Letna 9

Authentication of document for the purpose of recognition of previous studies

In general, documents issued by foreign institutes or courts, which have validity of public document in the country of issue need to be obtain the prescribed certificate in Slovakia. That is how they become official document in Slovakia. There are some exemption especially in cases of multilateral and bilateral agreements, which is binding to Slovak Republic.

1. Appostille

Appostille is international certification comparable to a notarisation in domestic law. Appostille derives from the Hague Convention that abolishes requirements for legalisation for foreign public documents.

If State is signator of Hague convention and certifies document with an appostile, there is no further certification needed. Furthermore, document needs to be submitted to a sworn translator in Slovakia, which will translate it officially and use it for purpose of Slovak authorities.

2. Legalisation

In case when appostile is not applicable, there is need to perform process called legalisation (sometimes called also superlegalisation). Legalisation means certification of its authenticity of signatures and official stamps or seals. Subsequently, there is Slovak foreign mission that verifies the authenticity of previous certificate issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the country of origin of the respective document.

Slovak foreign mission certifies the authenticity of signatures on documents, photocopies of documents and their translations to Slovak.

It is Slovak honorary consulates, that verifies the authenticity of signatures duplicates and photocopies which are deemed valid in Slovakia with no further authentification needed.

In some cases, there may occur situtation, when no Slovak foreign mission exists in the country that issued the document. Then process is following: documents must be certified in the country of origin, while the last stamp affixed to it is from the Foreign Affairs ministry of the respective country. The Authenticity of stamp is certified by foreign mission of country, which is accredited for Slovakia and then by the ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovakia.

There is administrative fee connected to legalisation and due to Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs in height of 20€. This fee needs to be paid by duty stamp in advance.

Where can foreign student find an official translator?

Firstly, Slovak foreign mission can translate documents, that can be used officially in Slovakia (typically translation is done by Slovak embassy consular department). If you are in Slovakia, sworn translators are available – you can find them at websites of Ministry of Justice, Slovak regional courts or at website

After document is authenticated properly, these documents (translation to Slovak language is required) may be presented to institutions in Slovak Republic. Documents, that was translated by a sworm translator in Slovakia, do not need to be verified again.

Relevant laws:
  • Zákon č. 422/2015 Z. z. o uznávaní dokladov o vzdelaní a o uznávaní odborných kvalifikácií a o zmene a doplnení niektorých zákonov (=recognition of diploma and qualifications from abroad)
  • Zákon č. 596/2003 Z. z. o štátnej správe v školstve a školskej samospráve a o zmene a doplnení niektorých zákonov (=regarding civil service and school autonomy)
  • Zákon č. 213/2002 Z. z. – Oznámenie ministerstva zahraničných vecí SR – Dohovor o zrušení požiadavky vyššieho overenia zahraničných verejných listín (on abolition of superlegalisation of documents)
  •  Zákon č. 145/1995 Z. z.o správnych poplatkoch v znení neskorších predpisov (on regulation fees)
  • internal regulations of Universities and colleges

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