Medical insurance for students in Slovakia

Students who are coming to study in Slovakia should be having medical insurance. Staying in Slovakia without insurance is risky: there are payments even for consultations at the doctor (usually 30-50€), surgeries at hospitals or dental care could be from hundreds to thousands of euro.
We will describe the options which are there for international students in Slovakia.

Students from European Union

European Health Card – E111 card

Students from the European Union should be having their European Health Card (E111 card). In most cases, the card is attached to the standard medical

insurance card and it is necessary to present only passport / ID card with European health card to get assistance at clinics or hospitals. There are some important notes:

  1. European health card can be used only for urgent medical care, so preventive care is not possible
  2. there could be some medical procedures that will require you to pay some amount for treatment (typically dental assistance)
  3. not urgent cases may be refused by a hospital. This would not be a case if student is having additional health insurance covering also preventive care or additional care (typically 40-60€ per month).
    You can check the pricing here:

Students outside of European Union

Students who are not from EU have obligation to arrange medical insurance in Slovakia. As per law, Foreign police may check a student at any moment, whether he / she is having medical insurance arranged.

There are 2 types of medical insurance:

a) for urgent care – in these cases, students get assistance in case of urgent injury, e.g. breaking of leg, hospitalization or any life-treatening emergencies. This insurance is cheaper, on another hand it is not possible to go to the doctor from preventive reasons (eg. you want to check your eyes, but there is no urgent problem with them).

The price of this insurance is typically 23-30€ per month. We work with AXA Insurance company – How is Axa working? First of all, you will need to arrange insurance (click here for the calculation). The insurance will be valid from the next day. You will be receiving all contracts and insurance card by email.

You will go to the doctor and get treatment. Every time, present your passport together with AXA card. If the balance to pay is small, you will be asked to pay on the spot and then ask the AXA for a refund. If the problem is extensive (surgery for broken leg may cost over 2200€), you can report it directly to AXA to settle up the payment.

If you need help to find a suitable hospital, ask for assistance or need information about refunds, you can call to +421 220 664 229

Keep the copies or originals of all receipts you paid at the hospital – then send them to or

b) for preventive and complex care: most of the medical insurances do not cover preventive care, or offers it with a high price. From 2021, AXA insurance will offer preventive care for foreign students. In this case, it would be possible to go to any specialist, dentist or gynecologist also in cases, when it is not urgent.
Site for calculating the price:

Important numbers

In case of medical problems, you can use general number for calling ambulance: 112. It is one number for calling medical assistance, police or firefighters.