Medical checkups for Kosice students – update 2023

The result was not ideal when we went with the first 15 students to the old hospital in Kosice. Instead of a 145€ payment, the doctor requested to make extra examinations, which caused an increase of price to 176€. Therefore i checked other options for you.

It is possible to do the medical checkup in any of the ambulances in Slovakia, that have approval from the government to do so.

Here are alternatives:

  1. LV Medical, private ambulance in Kosice- Mr. Virag – 195€
  2. private hospital in Saca – 175€, 5 appointments each Wednesday, prior payment by bank transfer is required
  3. Medical checkup in University hospital in Martin (Martin is a city in central Slovakia, 3 hours by train from Kosice) – 136€, required prior to online registration on the hospital website. The ambulance do work on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7am to 12am, so early travelling is needed
  4. Medical control in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia – 140€, no prior registration is needed, working 7am to 11am

Please note that a medical checkup is required for all foreigners who received their RP card already. The foreign police can penalize foreigners even by cancelling their RP in case they do not bring their medical report.

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