Lockdown from 19.12.2020

There will be lockdown in Slovakia from 19.12.2020 – Saturday, 5am CET.

There are the following exemptions:
1. traveling to job
2. going shopping, going to the bank, going to post, to the insurance company, to doctor, to hospital, to pick up the order from online store
3. visiting family (relatives)
4. going for masses

From Saturday all shops expect groceries and drugstores will be closed

Trains and buses will be running, but maybe with changes to normal schedule.

What is advised:
1. meet only with a limited number of people
2. if you want to meet with someone, stay isolated 7 days prior to the meeting
3. wear a mask everywhere
4. avoid meeting with people except for close contacts
5. prefer calls instead of meetings
6. keep a distance
7. wash your hands repeatedly

More info: https://enrsi.rtvs.sk/articles/news/242920/partial-lockdown-starts-on-saturday

A partial lockdown starts in Slovakia on Saturday, December 19th, at 5 am, and lasts until January 10, 2021, the Government announced on Wednesday. Shops will be closed except for foodstores, toiletries stores, phamacies, gas stations, postal offices, pet food shops and those delivering merchandise bought online. Movement of people will be restricted to trips to the nearest shop, to work, to the post, to the bank, to a gas station, to a doctor, to the church, to walk a pet, to a testing center for coronavirus, to walk in nature and to visit relatives but a maximum of two families living in separate households are allowed to meet. Travel between districts will not be restricted, but the Government is urging people to avoid it. The same is true for travelling abroad. Skiing resorts stay open but clients need a negative antigen or PCR test result in order to use them.