Professional pilot


Veterinary medicine


Automotive Production Technologies

Mechanical engineering

European Public Administration

Applied mechanics and mechatronics


Applied Informatics

Tourism management

Environmental Studies

Management and law

Central European Studies

Slovak studies

Biological Chemistry

Computer Science

Cognitive Science


Social and Work Psychology

European Studies

Social anthropology

Civil engineering


Chemical engineering

Chemical Technology

Natural and Synthetic Polymers

Technical Chemistry – Physical Chemistry

Environmental Protection Technology

Architecture and Urban plannning


Business economics and management

International finance

Economic diplomacy

Global finance

Marketing and Trade management

Corporate business and marketing

International Economics and Development

Machinery Trading

Political science / Politology

International Relations

Security studies

Forwarding and Logistics

Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Information and Network Technologies

Informatics and Management

Computer Engineering


Information Systems

Biomedical Informatics

Intelligent Information Systems

Applied Network Engineering

Finance, banking and Investment

Industrial Mechatronics

Automotive Production

Prosthetics and Orthotics

Industrial automation

Biomedical engineering

Electrical Power Engineering

Automotive Electronics

Automated Electrical Systems

Manufacturing management

Computer aided manufacturing technologies

Aerospace Engineering

Metallurgy, materials and recycling

Animal science


Liberal studies

British and American Studies

General ecology


Economical and Financial Mathematics

Management mathematics

Mathematics of Informatics

Managerial Mathematics