Important rules about arrivals to Slovakia for foreigners (effective after 9.7.2021)

  1. everyone coming to Slovakia needs to register in the following link:
    Police may ask for confirmation that registration was done
  2. foreigners coming by flight must register also in the following link:
  3. Quarantine is mandatory for everyone, who is not fully vaccinated according to Slovak rules – please check the rules below
  4. Fully vaccinated person:
    a) got 2 doses of vaccine more then 14 days before, but less than 12 months ago – valid for vaccines with 2 doses scheme (e.g. Pfizer)
    b) for 1 dose of vaccine more than 21 days, but less than 12 months ago – valid for doses with single scheme (e.g. Johnson & Johnson)
    c) got vaccine more than 14 days ago, but less than 12 months ago AND person overcame COVID in the last 180 days
  5. confirmation about vaccination from abroad must be in Slovak, Czech or English language. Also foreign vaccines are recognised. On another hand, person might be sent for PCR testing paid by Slovak government after arrival.
  6. people who are vaccinated, do not need to go to quarantine after arrival to Slovakia
  7. people who are not vaccinated need to go to quarantine for 14 days and take PCR test soonest on the 5th day. Registration will be done automatically by Slovak government. If your PCR result is negative, it is possible not to stay full 2 weeks in quarantine.
  8. people coming by flight must present PCR test not older than 72 hours in English or Slovak language (regardless if they are vaccinated or not)