How to protect your bicycle: insurance, GPS modules

Recently I got questions about whether a bicycle can be insured in Slovakia as there were many thefts recently. I researched a little bit and these are some interesting options.

There are also other insurance companies that cover the stealing of bicycles, but only in case these bikes are stolen inside your house and with limit of 30-50€. If bike is stolen outside of your house and has lock / tracking app, the only insurance company covering it is Generali.

Overview of options
1. Insurance by General Poistovna
2. Insurance by Alza in cooperation with Ceska podnikatelska poistovna (CPP)
3. GPS module provided by angelBike
4. GPS module provided by

Disclaimer: I didn’t use these services, for more details please contact companies directly, especially regarding conditions and pricing. If you have any experience with these services, please let me know so I include it to the article.

  1. General insurance by Generali insurance
    The insurance covers theft of the bike from closed places or a bike that was secured by special lock (Generali specifies exactly which type of lock you should use). The alternative is an app called angelBike which is a special device that is installed inside of bicycle handlebars). The duration of insurance is 1-3 years and also includes assistance with broken bike or medical assistance in case you had accident on the bike). Each seller might have different pricing of the insurance.
    The insurance is offered by the selected sellers (you must buy a bike and then add insurance as special service):
BIKEPROZvolenská cesta 19Banská
BS-RentTabaková 2Banská Štiavnica 
SPAIZPoštová Kadnárova 51
E-Bike ExpertNám. hraničiarov
Green BikeRužová dolina 25
Green BikeCyprichova 2473/
GulaVerse – ebajkTomašikova 50/
KAKTUS BIKEKarloveská 6/
KAKTUS BIKEBajkalská 9A (Tri Veže)
KELLYS FACTORY STORESquarebizz Business Center Bory
LIBIKEJanka Alexyho 3355/
MATE BIKEJarabinková
NAJŠPORTGalvaniho 2/
ProbikeÚdernícka 5
AGF INVEST Balkánska 133, RusovceBratislava
BIKE ŠPORTDr. Clementisa 1214/2 Brezno
KostraBikeHorná 119/9Č
KELLYS FACTORY STOREGalantská cesta 5634/12BDunajská
Bike4youZábranie 4222/
ENERGY BIKESKostolište 359Kostoliš
BikereFejova 5Koš
GG BIKE – ebajkCASSOVAR Bussines CentrumKoš
KUBICAŠPORTOC Retail ParkLiptovský Mikuláš
CYCLO Radlinského 2432/
MY Bikesnám M. R. Štefánika 568/
CYKLOPOINT – CajgelKalvária
VELOSPRINT SDamborského 7 / Štúrova
RIVALBikeHviezdoslavova 20Nové Mesto n/Váhom
RIDE Podkonice
Pavol RabatinZdravotnícka 3523/
BIG BIKE Sabinovská 5050/11Prešov
Cyklo ČajkaPožiarnická 15Preš
VelometHlavná 79Preš
E-bike servisNadjazdová 4
BICYKLE A ŠPORTPodhora 7Ružomberok
eBIKE pointHollého 5350/13Ružomberok
ENERGY BIKESHviezdoslavova
AB SereďDionýza Štúra 759/35Sereď
TM SportMallého
SchwabikZimná 36Spišská Nová
malina.bikeŠtúrova 634Šaštín Stráž
LesEcycleSŠpania Dolina 99Špania Dolina
NAJŠPORTZlatovská 20Trenčí
4bikeOkružné námestie
AZbikeMlynská 6 Veľký
KAKTUS BIKEStarý Smokovec 18103Vysoké
GulaVerse – ebajk T. G. Masaryka
Dual SportKvačalova 45Ž
KAKTUS BIKEZa plavárňou 3Ž
KUBICAŠPORTRosinská cesta 13Ž
VELOSPRINT SA. Kmeťa 1 / Predmestská 86Ž
  • 2. Alza bike insurance
    One of the biggest online merchant in Slovakia, company Alza also provide their insurance. It covers insurance for bicycles stolen outside of the flat. There was one student whose bike was stolen and he got refund of the amount (the bike was 2000€, and the insurance was 150€).
  • 3. angelBike app- GPS tracker
    interesting option, where tracking machine is installed into handlebar of the bike and connected to the bike. In that case, you need to buy the device and year subscription for tracking (the first year is free). bikeAngel system works not only as a remote alarm that protects a bicycle, motorcycle or car against theft, but at the same time it can send you an immediate message about an accident or fall, even with the indication of the exact location. You can react immediately and call for help. You can have all these benefits under control on your smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This options does not include insurance, but you get notified in case bike is stolen or manipulated.
    you can check also the video:

4. The fourth option is local Kosice seller that works on similar bases. The modern GPS device Anti Theft GPS offers you not only location tracking, but also security with a local alarm that immediately deters a thief. When you move the bike, you will immediately receive an SMS, Internet notification or TrackHead will call you within 7 seconds to the entered phone number. The advantage is a long battery life on a single charge and a completely free app in every smartphone. In standby mode, it can protect your bike for more than 1.5 years. Thanks to the intuitive JER Connect app, you have perfect control over your bike, where you have information from the device’s sensors every 5 seconds. Historical data will not be lost, the application stores all information on a secure cloud. TrackHead also offers a large number of functions and detailed settings. You can even instantly see the position of your bike in 3D, where you can verify that the bike is standing intact. TrackHead is compatible with any modern MTB bike, carbon road bike or electric bike.

You can check more details about it in the video: