How to get perfect score in Bachelor and Master theses

  • What is Bachelor/ Master Thesis?

Bachelor and Master Thesis is inevitable stage that every student have to complete for getting their diploma and completion of their respective degree. Thesis is platform for Bachelor and Master Students to show their great knowledge that they have gain throughout curriculum. They can choose their area of interest and can show their skills by theoretical and practical knowledge. In this article, we will try to understand “How can we write good Bachelor/ Master Thesis?”

I have divided article in two parameter in consideration for getting good score.

  1. Direct effect on score: Thesis writing
  2. Indirect effect on score
  1. Direct effect on the score (Thesis writing)
    1.1 Selection of topic:

Selection of topic is most crucial point for Thesis writing, as you are going to give your all effort in some specific topic. That is the reason; it should have to according your area of interest. Many student understand their interest at very early stage so it becomes very easy for them to select it and only thing they have do is find appropriate Professor who is working in the same field.

The students who are unaware with their interest, they can talk with Professors and make discussion that whether Professor have any offering or not. After discussion with Professors, they can find their interest and select one topic.

1.2 Reading and Research on topic:

The simple formula to make thesis more advance and up to date is by continuous reading. You have variety of websites, journals, articles, research papers and books to discover your topic. Try to collect information from it, understand best approach from it and build your own concept from it. Here are some website that you can refer for articles, journals and research paper,


    1.3 Aim of thesis:

Aim of thesis reflect whole concept of the thesis and your idea in one line. It should have to more clear, understandable and more focussed to your vision.

1.4 Abstract:

Abstract is stands for short summary of whole thesis. It could be of one or two paragraph. Average length is one page. Each university and their respective department has their constraint for number of words in Abstract, you could contact your supervisor for such information.

1.5 Preface:

The inspiration about the thesis you can write here, in simpler term “how you came to select this topic?”. You can write if you have truly inspiring story on this or you can build by giving more practical example. It should have to complete in one page. You can be also thankful to your professor in final lines such as “I am very thankful to professor name to give a chance to do thesis under his/her guidance and also throughout support. It would be difficult to imagine this journey without his/her guidance.”

1.6 Indexes:

Indexes because you just do not have to write for section that you have created but also for the table, chart and image that you have mentioned in thesis. All index should have to separate with proper number or sign that anyone can find easily.

1.7 Section and Subsection:

Give a section name that gives clear idea of inner text. If you have lengthy information and if you have more topics in it then create subsection that gives intelligible view.

1.8 Introduction:

You can write introduction from 2-Page to 10-Page around. You can write very brief concept of what had happened in past and what is ongoing research on your topic. You should have to give clear objective of thesis that what makes your thesis different and what would you like to achieve. At end of the section, you must have to write development of the thesis section wise with 2-3 lines of brief introduction.

1.9 History of the subject:

In this section try to elaborate about the past (History) of the subject. You can use examples, tables, charge, diagram and images for showing growth of it. You should have to show the reason why it need improvement. What are the cons of it? Admit the current available solution for it. Arise some question that you would like to give solution in your idea that are lagging in current solution. Make sure that you can cover all the questions that you are going to arise.

1.10 Your solution:

Your idea must have some meaningful solution. Try to divide in subsection, starting with definition, stepwise improvement, core solution has to be in very simple language, build your algorithm, architecture diagram, state mathematical modelling if applicable, if you have built hardware then photos of it. Provide appropriate results with chart and images for closing solution and proving your idea is practical solution. Your idea should have to be unique or with improvement of other concept. Answer the question that you have raised in previous section.


Don’t copy of any other project that has already publish, you will be caught in dupli-checker test then may be you have to extend thesis for one semester or year as well. They can also take some legal action for copying publication.

1.11 Conclusion and Future Scope:

Conclude your project with some key words, what were you planning and what you have achieved you can state here. Mentioned your result of testing and emphasize how were you planning and how much you accomplished it. Try to show them this is the best approach that you have analysed and make them to agree on it.

In future scope, you can give idea what are the possibilities or way that you can improvise this topic. If you have mentioned just conceptual and mathematical modelling type thesis then you can write the things to be developed in practical way for others or by yourself in future study. Future technology information that you would like to use in the concept can also be added in future scope.

1.12 References (Bibliography):

One of the most important topic is bibliography, you must have to put all the links and information of used articles, thesis, books, report and research paper that you have used in your thesis. In my point of view, mark them at same time when you are taking any image or information so that it will not make any difficulty at the end. Bibliography should have to be in step manner (numbers), you can use same numbers many times. It should have to be very transparent that if opponent or examination committee check particular link with given data in your thesis they can find easily there or it should have to be there. Don’t put random references.

1.13 Check grammar and duplication:

Check grammar:

Check duplication (plagiarism):

  1. Indirect effect on score
    2.1 Selection of thesis guide:

Select thesis guide by checking their background and experience in same subject.

2.2 Relation with guide:

Your guide has all control on your thesis, so try to make good relation with him. It means try to submit given task on time, show your potential skills, understand his/her idea and also tell yours, visit professor with certain intervals and give your full of the ability to complete the thesis.

2.3 Begin early:

Start your thesis writing at early stage so that you will not face burden at the submission time. You may be make different word files for different topics and arrange at last in main reference file of department. Check your grammar and duplication while completion on topics only so it will be easy to change at that movement otherwise at the end you will have very less time and possibility to change many things. By early starting, you can also improvise and add some new ideas gradually.

2.4 Presentation skills:

Of course knowledge that you are putting is very precious but with it good presentation skills is also important. People always first see the looks and then the will try to read it. Use some appropriate colour code in thesis writing. Don’t make it as painting but at least at some important topics and key lines. Picture presentation would always be preferable for good impact.

2.5 Sample Word file:

Build your thesis according to department reference file. Strictly obey it otherwise you will face marks cut by some silly mistake in it. You can ask your thesis professor for sample copy of it.

2.6 Health:

The last point to mention in this process, but the first to bear in mind, is your health. Writing a dissertation is a stressful undertaking. It is not uncommon for students to neglect their physical and/or mental health in pursuit of this goal. Don’t do that. It can be helpful to think of the process simply as a job, one that is scheduled into your day. Get eight hours of sleep, eat right, get physical activity in, and maintain an active and positive social life. Taking good care of yourself will ultimately help you write a better master’s dissertation.

Author: Rikin Tailor, FEEI Graduate 2020 with 100% score