RP for employment and job seeking visas

This article is for graduates who successfully finish their University studies (either Bachelor studies or Master studies). This means that a student passed all exams, state exams and defended a thesis. Diploma is required document which needs to be submitted at the Foreign police either for an extension for job-seeking RP or for RP for employment.

Residence permit awarded to a student at the beginning of studies was for studies. The usual duration of a residence permit for studies is up to June or up to August (typically up to 30th of June or 31st of August). We suggest going to foreign police minimum 2-4 weeks before expiry of your residence permit. You cannot stay even single day in Slovakia without residence permit. On another hand, you may submit a request for RP extension even if your documents are not complete and submit them later. Even if your current RP got over, you are still legally in Slovakia – based on the condition you submitted at least incomplete request for RP extension. When you submit incomplete request for RP extension, the police will contact you officially in 2-3 weeks for submission of remaining documents, which is also your time for securing missing documents.

There are two options how you can extend residence permit in Slovakia after graduation:

a) residence permit for employment

b) job-seeking residence permit

Let’s discuss both options in detail:

a) residence permit for employment (residence permit furthermore as RP)

If you find a job, you can ask for residence permit for employment. Please note there is a difference between RP for employment and work permit. The work permit is for 3rd country nationals, who did not study in Slovakia and got offer in Slovakia. Before they may submit residence permit at the police, they need to get approval from the labour office that the given position cannot be assigned to European citizen. This permit is called work permit and takes usually 20-30 working days to get it from Labour office. The good news is that as a graduate, you do NOT need a work permit or any confirmation from the labour office.

Following documents need to be submitted for RP for employment at foreign police department:

  1. filled in the application form – you may use our portal www.livinginslovakia.sk (option 1)
  2. 2 identical colour photos (3 x 3.5 cm);
  3. proof of payment of the administrative fee- for employment it is 165,5€
  4. a valid passport and your current residence permit card (the card must be valid on day of submission)
  5. a promise of employment or labour contract (labour contract should state that you will start working once the RP is awarded) – it must be signed by an executive (=main manager of the company) and there must be company stamp on it
  6. confirmation of income (either you can submit bank statement with 2500€ balance or confirmation from an employer about salary with a signature and stamp)
  7. confirmation of accommodation – it must be either signed by the owner of the flat in front of a notary or may have a form of an affidavit confirming accommodation. The longer validity of employment and accommodation contract, the better chances of longer residence permit award.
  8. confirmation from a municipality that your flat is fulfilling health regulations and there is no health risk – this is new regulation preventing many foreigners to register in the same address or in hostels which are not fulfilling health regulations. Issue of this document may take 3-4 weeks so please take attention to it
  9. notary copy of your Diploma certificate from University
  10. Confirmation of employer, that you do not need a work permit – signed by an executive of the company and stamped by the company stamp

You will submit these documents at the foreign police and within 90 days you will get a residence permit for employment.

There is also an option for submitting RP for so-called scarce professions. How do they work? There are localities in Slovakia where the unemployment rate is below 5% and a job you are planning to get job contract for, is in high demand from employers (e.g. IT professions, mechanical jobs etc). If you submit RP request for a profession from this list, you may start get 6 weeks training at the company right after submission of your documents. The process of issuing a residence permit for scarce professions takes only 30 days from the day of submission. The list of scarce professions is different from one region to another so we suggest checking the list of professions before submitting a request at local labour office or IOM office.

b) job seeking residence permit (RP)

Job seeking RP is the best option for you in case when you are graduate but do not have a job contract yet. You may ask for 9 months extension for job seeking purpose. Once you get a work contract later on you would need to go to foreign police and ask for RP for employment according to previous point a). Please note that you can apply for a residence permit for job seeking only if your current residence permit is still valid.

The process is easier and requires the following documents:

  1. filled in the application form – you may use our portal www.livinginslovakia.sk (option 1 – you will apply for studies RP option)
  2. original of passport and RP card
  3. bank statement with 1900€ balance (in Slovak or translated to Slovak)
  4. accommodation contract for a minimum of 10 months (1 month is processing time, 9 months will be for RP itself) – according to recent information from foreign police, you will not need to submit health confirmation from the municipality
  5. 2 passport pictures (3×3,5 cm)
  6. notary copy of Diploma certificate

After submission of these documents, you need to wait 30 days for issue of residence permit. There is no fee for submission of documents – you pay only 4,50€ for card production (or 24,50€ for express card)


  • all documents which are in English and you submit them to foreign police, must be translated by sworn translation to the Slovak language
  • please do notary copies of documents which you will need later (e.g. accommodation contract, bank declaration or Diploma). You will not get papers back from the foreign police
  • do not wait with submission to the last day of your current residence permit as not every day at police is working day and there might be a lot of people submitting with you
  • write an email to incoming.studyinslovakia@gmail.com in case of questions