Medical checkup – hospital Šaca

This is a step-by-step procedure for medical checkups in Hospital in Košice, Šaca. The cost of a checkup is 175€ (paid by bank transfer in advance). Please do not drink alcohol or smoke also day before. Do not also eat fatty food, as they will check your blood. Dring enough water day ahead and on day of checkup.

It is a private hospital, getting there  is possible in 2 ways:
a)  by taxi – cost between 3-5€
b) by public transport – cost 0,45€ for students, 0,9€ for students over 26. The bus stop is called Nemocnica Šaca, you can see the schedule in

After getting to the hospital, you need to go to Diagnostické centrum – Diagnostic Center (orange building). During covid, entrance to department is closed, so you need to use main entrance and then cross cafeteria and go to first floor.

Bez poplatku pacienta v Šaci neošetria - Korzár SME

Things to bring:

  1. passport and RP card
  2. questionnaire – Dotaznik_ENG
  3. sample of urine – you can buy the tube in any pharmacy and bring
  4. sample of stool – you can buy the tube in any pharmacy and bring

After coming to checkup, you will need to register in reception. You will give them a passport and filled in the questionnaire.

They will give you keys for lockers, where you can keep your belongings. It is needed to come on time, as all visits of ambulances are managed by computer (you will get paper with a number and follow to which ambulance to go).

The second visit is the Sample room. There you will give a sample of urine, a sample of stool. They will measure your weight and height and take samples from the rectum and a small portion of blood (make sure to drink at least liter of water before checkup).

Third stop will be EKG – heath checkup. The room number is 2, you need to wait until system calls you.

Then you go to RTG which is located in the main building. I or nurse will take you along there.

Once you are finished, you will come back and complete Internal checkup. The doctor will ask about your medical problems, medicine you take and do lungs checkup and reflexes checkup.

REsults can be sent either to foreign police (you can get scan of results by email) or to you.