How to book TUKE dorm 2023/2024?

It is possible to book TUKE dorm from 15.3.2023 until 15.4.2024. In case you miss the deadline, you will probably not get dormitory for next academic year. Reservation fee is mandatory to be paid – without it, the reservation is canceled and the bed is offered to a different students. The reservation fee is not refundable, in case you get a bed in dorm and you decide to live in private accommodation. In case you need help with reservation in MAIS, please text me

The procedure:

  1. you submit the application for the form via until 15.4.2023
  2. you pay a reservation fee of 120€ until 15.6.2023
  3. You will get confirmation of your dorm room until 15.7.2023

Procedure to book dorm in MAIS

  1. go to and login. I suggest login with computer
  2. Click on Accommodation
  3. Set up academic year 2023/24 and click on Submit application
  4. Select your preferred dormitory. The dorm office might change it
  5. Find the instructions for filling in below
  6. Click on ULOZIT ZIADOST


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