Current state – UPJS, STU, TUKE, Kosice, Bratislava (Covid-19)

Please find latest updates on this page regarding university, state rules, travelling etc.

Official governmental website:

Emergency number: 112

Info hotlines managed by public health officials: 0800 221 234,  0917 222 682, 0917 426 075. 

Hotline run by a network of private clinics and hospitals: +421 2 32 32 38 38
Local Kosice phone number: +421557268196 (8am-3pm)

Insurance for foreigners:
Insurance also includes Covid-19 risks and hospitalisation
Calculator of price of insurce: click here

If you want to use your free time during april, you can enroll for free Slovak course website.

8.7.2020 update

  • all shops are open
  • masks are mandatory in public transport and trains
  • mass events over 1000 people are also possible
  • borders are open with Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Austria
  • next steps of government depend on epidemic situation in Slovakia
  • mandatory 5 days quarantine in case you come from not – safe country

18.05.2020 update

  • all changes effective from wednesday 20.05.2020
  • more people will be allowed to shops
  • cinemas, theatres and mass events are possible up to 100 people
  • shopping malls will be open
  • interiors of restaurants under strict hygienic measures
  • masks will be voluntarily if there is no-one within 5 meters
  • you can leave abroad if you come back on the same day

4.5.2020 update

  • following shops and services will be opened from 6th of May 2020: short-term accommodation, hairdressers, taxis, wedding, prayer services, all shops, outside places in restaurants for eating (customers must be min. 2 meters away), museums, galeries, libraries, exhibitions

21.4.2020 update

  • from Wednesday 22.4.2020 shops up to 300m2 will be opened
  • special hours for retired people are 9-11am, from 11am anyone can go to shops
  • special hours for retired people on Saturday are cancelled

7.4.2020 update

  • shops will be closed on 10.4., 12.4. and 13.4.
  • from wednesday to monday 13.4. its prohibited to leave city by any type of communication

6.4.2020 update

  • all incoming people to Slovakia must stay 2 weeks in quaranteen camps. Announcement of arrival is necessary
  • there will be Teams meetings for Mechanical faculty TUKE- please install it

3.4.2020 update

2.4.2020 update

  • Faculty of economics TUKE:
    – The teaching of all subjects at the faculty will be completed electronically
    – All ongoing credit tests will be handled electronically, including all the re-tests
    – We will not postpone the deadlines for the final exams and the submission of Bachelor Thesis / Diploma Thesis for the ending years.
    – The Bachelor Thesis / Diploma Thesis submission will be done electronically
  • Residence permits /foreigner is in Slovakia: in case your RP will expire during crises situation and you are in Slovakia, the RP is automatically extended by 2 months from the date, when crises is officially over
  • Residence permit / permit is not in Slovakia: in case your residence permit is over during crises situation and you are abroad, you can apply for extension of RP at Slovak embassy – during validity of your RP  –   click here for more details

1.4.2020 update

  • Faculty of mechanical engineering TUKE – all students will get invitation to install application Teams. Every subject has separate room with online materials. Exams will be done also though Teams application.
    – Plan for mechanical students in final years is that they will finish education by June – most probably it will be done in person at University (please bring mask, gloves and pen)
    -There will be also common meating with all students (same as P26 meetings)
    -Physical education – it will be completed automatically
    -Excursions and praxis – cancelled

31.3.2020 update

  • Faculty of manufacturing technologies (1st year students) – all materials and presentations are uploaded in Moodle, testing will be done either by tests or essays
  • Faculty of manufacturing technologies (final years) – plan is to finish state exams by end of May, now there is one week to finish assignments in Moodle
  • there is drive-in testing for Covid-19 possible for public – Old Hospital Rastislavova – more information you can get by calling 0918389841 (Regional office of public health)

30.03.2020 update

  • updated harmonogram of classes and exams at UPJS:
  • entrance to any kind of store is possible only with gloves on and with mask
  • from today onwards, there are following shops opened in shopping malls: food stores, post offices, banks, insurance companies, snack shops, shops of mobile operators, services for shoping of clothes

28.3.2020 update

  • free trains for students will be temporarily stoped from 1st of April 2020
  • following shops will be open from Monday 30.3.2020 – opticians, leasing services, MOT and emissions, IT services, law and notary offices, key services, collection yards, textiles and haberdashery, bicycle services, gardening supplies, building material stores, installation materials, paint and varnish stores and hardware.

27.3.2020 update

  • there is plan for all TUKE students to finish this semester so studies do not need to be extended within normal by end of June
  • there are the same deadline for submission of theses, please make sure to submit them on time
  • it is possible, that part of exams, state exams and theses defence will be conducted online
  • foreign students who left to their home countries will be solved individually
  • please check your TUKE e-mail boxes on regular bases ( – login with your MAIS details by clicking here

25.03.2020 update

  • classes at TUKE are cancelled upon further notice (time of re-opening is not specified yet)
  • classes at UPJS university are closed up to 15.05.2020

24.03.2020 update

  • Foodstores and drugstores will be open only from Monday to Saturday. They will be closed on Sunday due to hygienic reasons.
  • During 9am to 12am only retired people are allowed to shop in foodstores and pharmacies in order to reduce risk of virus
  • Free train tickets for students are temporarily suspended up to solving problems with COVID-19
  • STU summer semester will be up to 6th of June, exam period will be up to 25th of July. If it is necessary, STU will do state exams and exams remotely.

21.03.2020 update

  • if you order something from eshop or if you have registered mail from someone, post officer will not deliver shipment to your dormitory.  Instead you will get notification (usually yellow paper) and you need to go to nearest post office to pick it up.
  • please do reservation for next academic year by 15.04.2020 – here are the steps
  • reservation fee is in July – 100€, this amount will be deducted from September – November amount

19.3.2020 update

  • 22.03.2020 – 29.03.2020 – all flights from and to India are cancelled

18.3.2020 update

  • foreign policee is now working in restricted mode and they accept only requests for extension of residence permit. They accept your application for extension, only if you have 30 and less days of validity of your RP in Slovakia. Requests for different type of RP are now suspended.

17.3.2020 update

  • taxi drivers stopped operation, they can transfer only material, not people
  • 30 days ban on traveling from 3rd countries to Europe (except scientists and doctors)
  • due to early closing of borders and other restrictions, Slovakia has good chances in providing health-care to people with disease, Slovak PM declared
  • Vienna airport is expected to be closed in few days

16. 3.2020  update

  • reopening TUKE university and STU is planned on Monday 30.03.2020
  • Hungarias borders are closed for non-Hungarian citizens
  • only commuters up to 30km from borders are now allowed to enter Slovakia
  • from 16.3.2020 only following shops are open: foodstores, pharmacies, toiletries shops, newspapers and pet food shops. Post offices, banks, some canteens and gas stations will be open too.
  • enter public transport only with surgical mask or something similar. Same rule is there for trains – without surgical masks, one cannot enter and travel in trains.
  • 30 million of masks are ordered, they should come within 10 days to Slovakia
  • testing in Kosice should be possible soon (private laboratory Medirex is working on it as well)

13.3.2020 update

  • international airports in Kosice, Poprad and Bratislava are closed
  • international busses and trains are suspended
  • controls at borders for all incoming people
  • only citizens and people with RP can enter country
  • after coming to Slovakia, all people from abroad must stay 14 days in quarantine at home

12.3.2020 update

  • strict rules in dormitories: please go outside only for shopping and other urgent cases
  • keep hygiene and swipe floor regularly
  • prefer shopping in small food shores over big shoping malls