Covid rules – march 2021

  • there will be more random controls of people staying away from their residence
  • shops will be the strict controlling maximum number of people in shops (so there could be waiting lines outside of shops)
  • FFP2 respirators are mandatory from 8.3.2021 in public transport (bus, tram, trains) and shops
  • respirators will be mandatory from 15.3. in all interior
  • there are still shopping hours for the elderly 9:00-11:00
  • it is not possible to leave Kosice or Bratislava without urgent reason, or any other county where you live currently
  • it is forbidden to be outside after 8pm (it is not possible to go even for shopping, apart from pharmacy or doctor)
  • if you live at dorm, or go for bank, notary etc, please make sure to have max 7 days old antibody test