Useful contacts and information

Shops and pharmacies are usually open 7 am to 9 pm, but closed during public holidays (check the list here). Most services will be open only Monday to Friday. Payment is possible always by cash, usually by credit card, smartphones, or intelligent watches (if they are connected with banking account).

Postal services offer various services – standard and the most price-effective is Slovenska posta (Slovak post) that has branches in every town or village in Slovakia. Price of documents shipping start from 0,65€ (up to 50 grams) and 1,50€ (by 50 gram) for registered mail. In case of registered mails, a person will get a notification in a mailbox (so-called Yellow paper) that informs a recipient that a letter is to be found in a local post branch. Express services for international shipping are DHL, Fedex or SPS, where prices may be 5-10x bigger.

Phone calls are offered by private companies – landline calls are nowadays exceptional. The most popular choices among students are Tmobile, 4ka, Orange or O2. We suggest 4ka, as they offer plans for 0,04€ per minute or per text message and cheap data plans. You may arrange new SIM card at every post office. There is 4G internet in bigger cities in Slovakia. Roaming charges were abolished in 2017 so you do not pay extra charges for incoming or outcoming calls or messages within or outside of Slovakia.

Accommodation for students is offered

Scholarship for 100 international students (deadline 30.6.2024)