Transport in Slovakia

Slovakia is located in the heart of Europe and there are many roads, train, or flight connections in all directions.

Flight connections to Slovakia

There are several international airports in Slovakia, the most important are Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport, Kosice International airport, and Poprad Tatry airport. There are also low-cost airplane companies operating in Slovakia, especially Wizzari from Kosice and Ryanair in Bratislava. On the same hand, students may come to Slovakia also through neighboring countries: Franz Liszt Airport in Budapest, international airports in Vienna, Katowice or Krakow.

Bus connections to Slovakia

Bus traveling is very popular in Slovakia and there are two types of busses in Slovakia – local and international. Local busses might be either public transport busses (operated by cities or districts) and country buses (connecting cities within the given area). Busses are subsidized by government so the price of traveling is very convenient – around 2€ for 50km ride with discounts for students.

International connections are operated by smaller local players (such as Slovak lines) or big international players (typically Student Agency, Flixbus). There are direct connections basically with any country in Europe.

The train system in Slovakia

Traveling by train is very popular by students as trains are free for international and Slovak students below 26 years with international student card (ISIC card). Trains are running almost in every bigger city and are subsidized by the Government (for example trains from Kosice to Bratislava runs every 2 hours, trains to High Tatra usually every hour). Trains are operated by the public company: Slovak railroad company ( and small international players (Regiojet connecting especially Slovakia with the Czech Republic and Leo Express with night trains from Kosice to Prague).

Railroads highways and speed roads in Slovakia

There are highways as well as road communication of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class. Slovakia is the biggest per-capita producer of cars in the world, so you will see a lot of cars there as well as parked in cities. Travelers in highways need vignettes, there is no need to buy it in other types of roads. Slovakia is part of the Schengen area, so there is no passport control on the borders. Police does not accept any alcohol for car drivers and high penalties were introduced last year for people breaking the rule. The maximum speed in cities and villages is 50km/hour, 90km/hour outside of cities and villages and 130km/hour in highways. A helmet is mandatory for all motorcyclists, in Kosice and Bratislava you may also borrow motocycle from shared services.

Taxis services

Taxi companies are either local companies where you need to call to get it prepared for your desired picking place (the cheapest taxi in Slovakia is usually Easy Taxi with 5€ fare in Bratislava (0918 555 555 | 0907 440 440) and 3€ in Kosice (0902 122 224) or Student taxi in Kosice.  We can also recommend online companies such as Bolt or Uber (with very comparable prices) where English language is not a problem.

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