Getting Asian groceries in Slovakia

  1. Kerala Store – – Záhradnícka 4882/46 821 08 Bratislava, Slovensko
  3. Namaste store – Indian grocery shop located in Bratislava (Škultétyho 1, Bratislava) –
  4. – a full range of products with free delivery once a week to Bratislava, cost-effective solution
  5. HIVA Potraviny Adresa: Obchodná 27, Bratislava, Slovakia
  6. Kaufland – same as LIDL but there are more products – you can find products like Chilli powder, chicken masala, coriander power, turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste and few other spices
  7. Lidl – Basmati rice , and raw species but not original Slovakia style and frozen spinach, lentils, Rice is Indian style and species Indian raw style but it’s mankind in Slovakia
  8. Tesco – here you can buy especially India style species powders
  9. Fajne potraviny – Hlavna 2, Košice – solution especially for Indian spices and ingredients
  10. Cukraren Art – Kosice
  11. Govinda, Kosice – garam masala, sambar masala, rome cumin, asafoetida, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, black salt, black mustard

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