Faculty of aeronautics, Technical University

The Faculty of Aeronautics was established as the 9th Faculty of Technical University in Kosice. Its origin is closely bound with long and rich tradition of flying aircraft and university education of aviation experts in Kosice.

Statue at area of Faculty of Aeronautics Technical University
The Faculty of Aeronautics offers university education to aviation professionals within the study programs in all the three levels – bachelor´s, engineer´s and doctoral degrees, taking into account the requirements of national and European aviation legislation. University education and scientific research and development are carried out in the basic areas of aviation – security, control and security of aviation, aerospace engineering, avionics and construction, aircraft maintenance and operation. The Faculty of Aeronautics prepares professionals for positions as professional pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft maintenance engineers, aircraft airframe, engine and avionics system specialists and airline managers.

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Helicopter at Faculty of aeronautics, Technical University Kosice


Area of Faculty of Aeronautics, Technical University in Kosice