Health checkup in Martin

There are 7 clinics in Slovakia, where foreign students (3rd countries students) must go for medical checkup. Prices of checkups are different – for example price in Kosice is 260€, in Bratislava 183€ or in Nitra around 150€. The lowest price of check-up in Slovakia is in Martin – 142,08€. Students up to 26 students in Slovakia have free tickets for trains, so going to Martin makes perfect economical sense.,

Important update regarding Martin medical checkup: from 2018 all students must reserve their appointment online –

As you can see, appointments are booked up 3-4 months before – in this case contact us ( – for help

Here is the step by step tutorial, how you carry out medical checkup in Martin.

  1. Schedule an appointment – you must schedule an appointment min. 1 week before. Call to clinics or write them email. You can find contact details below.
  2. Going to Martin – in case you start in Kosice, take night train. Centre is open only 7:00-12:00 on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, so you must be there early morning.CAM00353
  3. If you arrive by train, take a following route to the hospital (Univerzitná nemocnica Martin). It is only 9 minutes by walk.Screenshot from 2017-03-16 15-55-31
  4. Once you find University Hospital in Martin, go to Pavilon no. 5  (you will enter at Hlavný vchod / Main Entrance)unmMap
  5. Enter the last door at Pavilon 5. You need to find Oddelenie cestovnej medicíny (Department of travel medicine). Door will look like on the picture below. Do not forget to ring a bell.CAM00354
  6. The first procedure will be the examination of the colon. You will get instructions how to give a sample.
  7. After that they will take blood sample. It will be only small amount. Drink some water before and after. Do not eat fat food before.
  8. You will now got 2 papers – first paper is needed for X-ray examination and second paper is for payment of checkup. You will get them from nurse at the ambulance.
  9. In the next step, you will be send to Rontgen (X-ray department). When you go out of the building, turn right and enter the second door. There is an elevator inside. Enter the elevator and press 5/2 button.CAM00361CAM00358
  10. Go out of elevator and turn right. You will find following doors. Wait for nurse  / sister and give her paper you got at ambulance.CAM00356
  11. You will be called by sister. She will perform X-ray test. For that you need to take off your sweater, jacket and T-shirt.
  12. Once you are finished, you will go to the entrance to pay for the checkup. Cash register is at the right side (it is inside of areal on the right side of entrance / exit). It looks like this:CAM00355
  13. Pay the amount and go back to ambulance. Give them receipt of payment and get document you need to submit at Pavilon/ Building No 6. It is on the opposite side of Pavilon 5. You will collect there results from X-ray checkup. Give paper to the following counter  and wait for  10 minutes. You will get results in a paper form and take them back to the ambulance.CAM00365
  14. Thats it! You can give nurse your address where you wish your results to be sent.