Practical information

What is the address of Dormitories? 

Students of Faculty of Electrical engineering and Informatics (FEEI) and students of Faculty of economics of Technical University have following address of Dormitory: Jedlíková 5 or Jedlikova 9, Kosice, 04011, Slovakia. Students occupy double rooms. There is one entrance for 2 double rooms. For each entrance, there is a bathroom, toilet and shower. There is one kitchen for each corridor. Rent for 3 months is 189€ and is paid in advance by bank transfer. In addition, students pay 27€ per 6 months for using internet, laundry and related services at the dormitory.

Students of Faculty of Aeronautics (FA) of Technical University have following address of Dormitory: Rampova 7, Košice, 04001, Slovakia. Price for 3 months is 189€. Students occupy 2 bedrooms room (one entrance has 2 rooms)

Students of Faculty of Manufacturing technologies (FMT): Budovateľská 31 and Budovateľská 13, Prešov. Price for 3 months is 171€. Students occupy 3 bedrooms rooms.

Which documents do I need for registration at Dormitory? 

FEEI, FE, FA students: There is only passport and one passport size photo needed. Every student signs an accommodation contract.

FMT: passport, confirmation of studies from study department, confirmation of payment of rent

How do I pay rent for Dormitories? 

If you study at Technical University in Košice, log in to MAIS system. Click to Accommodation, there is variable symbol mention. Variable symbol has 10 digits and is in form of e.g. 2017000007. Never forget to mention your variable symbol.

Bank account: SK97 8180 0000 0070 0008 4912  (Jedlikova, Budovateľska, please check with your dormitory if you live somewhere else)


How to pay for my ISIC card?

If you want to extend your ISIC card, you can do it either by cash at Cash register at Letná 9 (Main building of TUKE), or transfer money via bank account. Here are the instructions, how to find out bank details for transfer.

  1. Login to MAIS (
  2. Click on Study
  3. On left side click on Financing my studies
  4. You will see something like Zápisné pre 1,2,3. ročník – use symbols mentioned there


Internet registration in Košice and Prešov 

If you want to have internet connection, you need to do following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in name, date of birth, pernament address, contact number, your dormitory, number of your room, your email ID and number of student. Variable symbol is the same as you are paying for dormitory. Confirm that you agree with General conditions (Všeobecné podmienky) and click Save (Uložiť).
  3. Find your our MAC address of computer and fill it in

How much should I pay for June?

You can pay either 31.50€ (if you leave until 15th of June) or 63€ (if you stay whole month). Please return key, blankets and everything before you leave.

Can I stay during summer at dormitory?

Yes, you can stay in July and August. You may pay 63€ a month – both payments must be done together (126€ in total). If you decide to book only July or August, there is need to pay 100€ per month. (valid for Kosice)

Can I leave my belonging at stock of dormitory during summer vacation? 

No, there is no stock for students. They must take their belongings with them or leave them at their friends rooms.

What do I need to do after obtaining RP? (3rd country student)

After a student receives Residence permit card (student is notified once card is ready at the Foreign police – fee for card is 4.50€), he must submit health check-up within 30 days. Foreign police officer acknowledges students until when health check-up must be submitted and there is a possibility to extend this period in exceptional cases. There are specialised hospitals that provide health check-ups for citizens of 3rd countries, the cheapest way is to visit a hospital in Martin (cost in 2017 in Martin is 139€, in Bratislava around 180€, in Kosice around 260€). Medical examination includes complete blood count, blood chemistry, urinalysis and chest X-rays. The main tasks of the medical examination are to detect serious infectious and sexually transmitted diseases (AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis C and tuberculosis).

Step by step tutorial how to make medical checkup in Martin

Where are some events for English speaking foreigners in Slovakia? 

There are plenty of events in English all the year. We recommend visiting InfoUSA events at Statna vedecka kniznica (State scientific library) at Hlavna 10 street. Follow their events here:

How can I transfer money to Slovakia via wire transfer? 

We recommend using a service called Transferwise for international money transfers. You may find explanation of how this service works after clicking here.

How can I charge my 4ka credit? 

In case you are a customer of 4ka, there are 2 options how to recharge your credit.

  1. Visiting any branch of Slovak post. You can charge your SIM card with 4€, 8€, 16€ or 32€. You will be asked to insert your mobile phone number 4x.
  2. Online – click on this link:

Insert your mobile number (=Vložte vaše telefonne číslo)

Click on “Online platba”

Click on amount of credit, you would like to charge your SIM card (e.g. 4€)

Click on Platobná karta (=Credit card)

Click to antispam box (=Nie som robot) and wait for 5 seconds

Click on “Odoslať”


You will be redirected to website, where you enter your credit card details.

How to activate 4ka SIM card?

Send text message to 950 – write: GIGA

It will charge 1€ for each 1GB you use.

How to check the balance on 4ka SIM? 

Call to *55#

I forgot my PIN code for 4ka. What should I do? 

In case you forgot your PIN code, take a plastic card where SIM card was originally inserted. In the next step  enter PUK code, which you can find on that plastic card. Now you can set new PIN code.

If you lost your PUK code as well, make a call to 950. Customer service will provide you your PUK code and you can reset your PIN code. Fee is 1.50€

I have 4G mobile phone, but mobile internet is not working. What should I do? 

Firstly allow mobile data in your mobile phone. After that, add new access point. Name of access point is: “4ka” and Atn/password is “internet”. Save and surf :)

How can I open a bank account in Slovakia? 

There are different conditions for each bank. Following banks do not require residence permit or permanent residence for citizens of 3rd coutries: PRIMA Banka, ČSOB, TATRA Banka, VÚB, FIO banka, Poštová banka. We recommend to open a bank account at FIO bank for students, who are 25 years old and older (passport and ID needed), respectively at TATRA bank or VUB for students, who are up to 24 years of age (passport and study confirmation needed). Bank opening at TATRA takes few minutes, at VUB up to 5 hours.

I have public transport card (=ISIC card) in Kosice. Where can I load monthly ticket? 

For loading monthly ticket in Kosice, you have following options:

a) visiting DPMK (Public Transport company in Kosice) branches. They are open only on working days.

Bardejovská č. 6 – 07:00 – 18:00

Rooseveltova č. 3 – 07:00 – 18:00

Nám. Osloboditeľov – in front of Centrum Hotel – 07:00 – 11:30 and  12:30 – 18:00

b) affiliate parners – also opened on working days

1. Monika Brijáková, Kurská 5, Košice , IČO : 40 165 931

2. PressTip, trafika a stávkovanie, Trieda SNP 36

3. Newspapers shop Kapa-Press, Komenského 49

4. KVP, tobacconist’s next to Grund (next to OC Billa), Trieda KVP 1

5. Dargovských hrdinov, entrance hall at OC Lidl, Trieda arm. gen. Svobodu


6. Stop Mlynská bašta, newspaper kiosk in front of JUMBO centrom

7. MIER, newspaper shop Kapa-Press in front of OC Mier, Hlinkova ulica

8. Train station town square, newspaper shop Kapa-Press pred budovou ŽS

9. Train station, Customer center, No10 selling point

10. Tipos TJ Lokomotíva, Hlavná 83

11. OC Galéria, Kaufland – TABAK LAND, Toryská 5


14. Predajňa kancelárskych potrieb, Werferova 1 ( zast. SOŠ automobilová)

15.Supermarket Fresh, Nad Jazerom, Važecká 8

BEP, s.r.o., Toryská 3, Košice, IČO : 36 826 677

c) At any automatic kiosk in Kosice – there are kiosk at Jedlikova 5 Dormitory as well as at Technical university main building

I would like to travel in European Union in the summer. Is there some cheap way? 

Yes, you can travel unlimited by train in whole Europe with Eurail pass. There are special discounts for students. Fore more info, please visit their website.

Which are reliable online stores in Slovakia? 

You can buy (almost) everything online in Slovakia. The most reliable and well-known shops are, or (for books). We recommend using price comparison where you can enter any good you wish to buy. In the next step, you will get list of online shops which offers product and their references.


Where can I buy textbooks for learning Slovak? 

Please check page with overview of Slovak textbooks.

Where can I buy cheap or second hand laptops?

We recommend to buy it from online vendors, who offer 12 months warranty for used notebooks.

Please check following pages:


GIGA Computers

Lacne notebooky (Cheap laptops)

Lacne PC (Cheap PC)