Medical checkup in Kosice

If you want to do medical checkup in Kosice, there are 2 options. First option is to go to Old hospital (UNLP – Rastislavova 43) or you may choose a new ambulance for exotic diseases and travel medicine call LV-Medical. It is located at Gemerská 3 in Košice

You can eat only not-fat food (no burgers, milk, butter) and you can dring a lot before checkup.

Here we introduce step by step procedure how to complete the medical checkup there.

  1. First of all, book your appointment in an advance (at least 7-10 days before) – opening hours are following:IMG_20181130_104328
  2. Appointments usually start at 7:30 or 10:30 – be there on time. You may come to the place by public transport (tram no. 9 – stop Železníky, križovatka or busses 15,16,54 – bus stop Zelezniky) – CLICK FOR MAP
  3. You will see green-blue building – entrance is in the middlelv medical
  4. Go inside, turn right and go to the corridor. At the end of the corridor, there is an ambulance for exotic diseasesIMG_20181130_104315
  5. Firstly you will meet the nun, who will ask you to sign few papers and will take sample of stool you brought. Have your residence permit, passport or ISIC with you for identification
  6. She will take a sample of blood from your vessel and fingerIMG_20181130_105441
  7. She will instruct you to give sample of urine in the ambulance toilet
  8. Next stop is at the doctor – interview – it has following steps
    – she will ask you about your medical state
    – diseases, allergies, pets in household
    – vaccination in the childhood
    – your current medical state
    – date of arrival to Slovakia
    – your residence in Slovakia
    – your weight and height
  9. She will check your pulse, heart beat, lungs and month.
  10. Then you should pay the money – please have it in cash

Now there are 2 options for X-ray and eye checkup:

A) POLIKLINIKA JUH (=Hospital South)

Go in a direction to Old Hospital – here is the address: MAP DIRECTION

Entrance will look like this

entrance to south clinic

Go inside and turn right – you will see this mark


Go by foot to second floor – go to corridor on left side

second floor

You will see counter where you will put your Request for X-ray from Ambulance – give it inside


Wait for the doctor – he will call you inside one of rooms for Xray

Finally you finish at eye checkup ambulance:

dunajovcova eye

Afterwards – you go for eye checkup – MUDr. Dunajcova- give her Request for eye checkup to her – letter with results you should bring back to ambulance



You will be sent to old Hospital for X-ray and eye checkup . Below is building in Old Hospital – first building on the left side after enterring the area.IMG_20181130_131427

  1. On the ground floor there is direct access to X Ray – follow RTG on the floor to get there.
  2. IMG_20181130_124514
  3. You will receive the results within 7-10 days. Do not forget that you need to submit results at foreign police 30 days from the day of arrival to Slovakia