Medical checkup – extension

The process of extending medical checkup (Košice)

  1. Prepare the request for an extension in the Slovak language. If you need an example, write to
  2. Fill in required fields (name, passport number, date of birth, residence), print it and sign it
  3. Bring it in person to Police station. It is required to have both passport and RP card with you! In case you do not bring your passport or RP card, you may be penalized by penalty of 165,50€
  4. Police in Kosice is open on Monday (7:30-15:00), Wednesday (7:30-17:30) and Friday (7:30-12:00) – please come ahead because usually there are a lot of people waiting for an appointment
  5. Take a token according to pictures below and wait for your number – click on Oddelenie cudzineckej polície KE – udelenie prechodného pobytu – prechodný pobyt – Udelenie prechodného pobytustep1step2pobytustep0
  6. step1

5. If you see the message below, it means that appointments today are filled. You need to come different day or send extension letter by post


6. Within 7 days you will obtain a letter from the police informing you about extension of your medical checkup. You have extra 60 days for submission of medical report.

How to calculate whether to submit medical checkup extension letter

In case that you are not able to submit medical checkup within 1 month from obtaining RP card, you must ask for an extension at your police station. Request for extension of medical checkup must be filed latest on the day mentioned in the paper you got from police.

You can simply calculate it as well (EXAMPLES): if you receive your RP card on 15.12.2017, your deadline is 14.1.2018 . If you received RP card on 9.1.2018, your deadline is 8.2.2018 etc.

Important 1: 14.1.2018 is Sunday – and the police is closed. That means that you must bring extension letter latest on Friday 12.1.2018

Same for 8.2.2018 – it is Thursday and police is closed. You must bring the extension letter latest on Wednesday 7.2.2018

If you are not able to come to the police, you can also send it by registered mail by Slovak post. The date on the stamp is important.

Important 2: if your deadline for medical checkup is e.g. 26.1.2018, you must physically bring the paper to the police. Results from the hospital takes around 3 days. If you go for checkup on 25.1.2018, you will surely miss the deadline and must pay the penalty.