Important documents

  1. If you moved to a new flat, please fill in document in an attachment with your details and submit at foreign police in Kosice. You can also send it by registered mail (e.g. Slovenska posta) to the Police department.

Announcement: new address in Kosice

2. If you ask for recognition of your bachelor degree (you came to study Masters) , you need to fill in following document (translations of slovak expressions are below the link):

Recognition_Bachelor degree

Here are translations of expressions:

Meno a priezvisko: Name and surname

Kontaktná adresa: contact address

telephone number: telefon

dátum narodenia: date of birth

občianstvo: citizenship

pohlavie: sex – žena (woman) – muž (man)

názov záverečného dokladu: name of your bachelor degree

názov vzdelávacej inštitúcie: name of university

dĺžka štúdia v rokoch:how long was study

miesto štúdia (mesto, štát): place of study

rok skončenia štúdia: year of graduation

3. If you plan to study abroad (Erasmus mobility), please fill in forms below

Request for mobility abroad

Corresponding subjects