Books for learning Slovak language

LINGEA – Slovak phrasebook: price 9,49€

This phrase book will enable foreigners to make themselves understood both in every day as well as in emergency situations and to efficiently communicate with Slovak natives. The emphasis is on practical and active communication, clear arrangement and ease of reference. The phrase book also contains easy to understand and simple phonetic transcription to help foreigners pronounce Slovak phrases fluently.

2 600 sentences and phrases
1 600 thematic words
6 000 dictionary entries



Slovak for you – Iveta Božoňová, Price: 3.99€

slovak_for_youA little manual of Slovak conversation for foreigners offers everyday phrases and basic expressions for any situation. Its pocketsize enable you to have it with you all the time.

96 pages

Publisher: IKAR

Published: 2016




Slovak for you – with 2 CDs, Textbook – price 9,49€

slovak_2cdsThese two CDs complement with well-established textbook of Slovak language. Textbook has really positive response from prospective students Slovak. They are formed on the basis of English and bring comprehensive look on Slovak language.

20 pages

Published: 2010

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